Looking for D.J. Rose Homes – A Gem on Tarborro Street


“I could go to a dozen houses, scrape away the dirt, and find his footprints…”
Brenda Sutton Rose (no relation)

We’ve all admired residential architecture while driving slowly down a tree lined street. We may remember who once lived in the beautiful homes along the way. Perhaps we think, what might life be like if I walked through one of these front doors and called it  home! Rocky Mount’s historic districts are filled with an amazing inventory of architecture. I have written earlier on this blog about the Edgemont District; a neighborhood adjacent to the downtown historic core area. There is a D.J. Rose home on Tarboro Street that is another fabulous example of his workmanship. In the National Register of Historic Places the house is referred to as the Bullock-Lea House, a large, elegant period reproduction of early Colonial architecture. It was built between 1925-1930. The two-story brick house sits in the middle of two lots and is surrounded by a low brick wall. Many of you have spent enjoyable hours with Jean Bailey and her family in this special home. The house is for sale and awaits the next caretaker to love and honor its history. Five bedrooms and spacious downstairs public rooms make it perfect for a Bread & Breakfast if someone has owning and running a B&B on their Bucket List.

Here are a few interior photographs of the house that only hint at what this well designed and welcoming home reveals. In forming a D.J. Rose ‘society’ (with a better name) we must find the missing houses in addition to this distinctive Tarboro Street home.

IMG_3366 IMG_3364

   IMG_3367    IMG_3373

 The Crown Molding in a Rose Home is spectacular




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