About Stepheny

Stepheny Forgue Houghtlin lives in Nashville, NC with her husband,where she writes and gardens. Moving from Chapel Hill/Durham, NC in May 2013, she soon made her first visit to downtown Rocky Mount. Delighted with the streetscape, and beautiful architecture along the Main street and adjacent areas, she was devastated that many of these amazing buildings have gone silent. Though living in Nashville, Rocky Mount is the marker she uses when telling friends where she now lives. She shops at Harris Teeter, and other local businesses, attends St. Andrews Episcopal Church, is a member of Tar River Orchestra & Chorus (TROC) League, and belongs to the Rocky Mount Garden Club.

Stepheny, an author of two novels, publishes a second blog about writing, books, gardening, and has taken her readers on five day blog tours to Chicago, Charleston and the Cotswolds. Visit her at Stepheny Forgue Houghtlin.

Hoping to help promote this area, she has launched Main Street Rocky Mount.   You are invited to Follow this site, which is built around the theme, honoring the past, building a future. Please share this link with your Facebook friends and on other social media sites, and with the members of the organizations you are involved with to help spread Stepheny’s positive message.


One Response to About Stepheny

  1. Robert "Bruce" Sharer says:

    I arrived in Rocky Mount at the age of 16 in 1960 with my family. I walked to RMSHS from Sycamore Street. I remember passing several grand homes/mansions along the way. The Mims house and the Battle house to name two. I worked in downtown Rocky Mount the summer of 1961 before going off to college. What I saw over the next fifteen years before I left Rocky Mount was a failure of foresight in the leaders of the town. Also, the demise of downtown and the Edgecombe side of town can be attributed to the failure of some leaders to understand the long term cost of continued segregation. I enjoyed living in Rocky Mount, and I have many friends still there. I visit once or twice a year because of events at North Carolina Wesleyan College where I graduated. Recently, I have been happy to see progress being made in the revitalization of downtown. Rocky Mount is a jewel in Eastern North Carolina, and deserves to be returned to its’ former greatness.


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