Mark Your Calendar – Sale June 25-26

Head to the Salvage Store on Falls Road for a fun outing. How about taking in the Farmers Market while you are at it. Board Members worked hard cleaning up and organizing this past Saturday. Under Jean Bailey’s direction, Lea Henry, Whitney Shearin, Wanda Alford and Renny Taylor, all board members, spiffed things up. I took a before photograph of the sinks that are available. The shot to have gotten was after Lea decided she would clean them up!

This blog post salutes the volunteers in all the Rocky Mount organizations. For a love of the cause, volunteers put in amazing hours, doing all manner of things like our PRM President, Adrienne Copland who hauled a truck load of bagged ‘stuff’ to the dump. I’d say that is a “hands on” girl!

You have time to think about your restoration projects, your DIY needs. Bring your measurements with you for that door surround, mantle, door, and window you’re looking for. As I write this, I’m not sure if a food truck is still in play, but come have fun, shop, hang out with like-minded preservationists, get new ideas, be amazed over the inventory of the Salvage Store that is calling to you. See you soon! SFH

Podcast: Talking Baseball With Stepheny – Stith Talbert Park in Ward #1 CLICK HERE FOR 5-MINUTE PODCAST

I have a grandson, William Robert, named for his two grandfathers, playing baseball up in Glenview, IL. He was foremost on my mind when I got ready to create Episode 7 for today’s podcast. I wanted to talk about Stith Talbert Park in Ward #1, which I saw for the first time last September in a drive-around adventure with Terrick Pittman and Sam Battle. The podcast mentions this experience.Terrick and Sam are busy making huge contributions in Rocky Mount.

I first met Terrick when he was running for City Councilman against Andre Knight in Ward #1. We had breakfast at Chew and Chat to get acquainted. When we hugged goodbye, I’d made a new friend that I’m still cheering on. With Terrick we have a young, articulate, bright leader who is important to the future of Rocky Mount. Sam Battle is a trip. He is a fierce, loyal friend, involved with black youth and many other aspects in the community. He knows everyone and unafraid, he speaks his piece at Council meetings and as he goes. I didn’t mention this in the podcast, but I learned a new expression from Sam. I can’t think of a more satisfying expression when you run across a ‘Raggedy Ass’ from time to time.

At age 10, William is the bomb in Grammy’s eyes. Playing the American Game, he and the boys of summer across America, are the future. I can’t think of a better place to learn life long skills.

Celebrating the Successful Restaurant-Barley and Burger

The restaurant, Barley and Burger, always puts their social media to good use. They posted this photograph on their Facebook Page a few days before Memorial Day Weekend. On the menu, it’s called a Burger Bowl, which never appealed because I hadn’t noticed I could choose chicken. My Thursday “date” varies with Denise Watkins, who you know from  Skyvue Skating, her family-owned business. It could be a late breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Lured by this photograph, I asked if Barley and Burger were possible. We arrived at 5:00 when the door opened.

Just now, they have some hard-working, pleasant teenagers on staff that make you proud. The young man who waited on us handled my request to serve the salad on a plate and the chicken breast cut up with a smile, and a ‘can do’ attitude, which I appreciated. The presentation on an attractive white plate was fabulous, and the salad DELICIOUS.

At 5:20, all but four tables were filled. At 6:40, every seat was taken, and people were at the door. I’d say Barley and Burger is a roaring success. All the food is excellent, the atmosphere friendly. For some, it is date night and grinning, young love. It is always family night, a working lunch, grandchildren with grandparents, and just plain friends like Denise and me. My grandson(in-law) brings my five-year-old great-granddaughter, Annaclaire, to Barley and Burger on their date nights. They have good sweet tea, which is important to me! The restaurant is located at 2921 Zebulon Road. The next time I’m there, I hope I see you.

Stepheny’s Salad Presenttion

A New Podcast Today – Type

“The medium of podcasting and the personal nature of it, the relationship you build with your listeners and the relationship they have with you—they could be just sitting there, …

Hi Everyone: Stepheny here talking Main Street.…and the recording rolls on from there. This new endeavor has kept me busy learning as I go along. I am having trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time. I’m convinced that in order to keep a job at WordPress, the platform I use for my blogging, you must dream up “improvements.” These improvements make everything more difficult, take more time, and make me swear, and, feel cranky! There are enough crazy things happening in the world, that I’m already cranky with a capital, C.

When it comes to social media these days, I am torn because of the obvious political bias that is involved. Yet, I’ve lost count of the number of free courses I have taken through the Community Colleges across North Carolina that have Small Business Departments. This is an amazing opportunity I take advantage . I’m determined not to be left behind, Senior, though I may be. I select the classes that have to do with social media: Innagram, Facebook, Blogging, podcasting, videoing, the use and more. I love it. It is addictive if you are a student at heart as I am. I’ll admit when no one’s around, I dance a little jig and say, “Stepheny, you did it!” My mentor and dear friend, Denise Watkins, has mastered it all. Look at her social media for Skyvue Skating. She will straighten me out if I hit a brick wall. When I begin to smile again, she says, “You go, girl!”

I understand your reluctance to learn new technology, but I encourage you nonetheless. When it comes to this decision to use social media, I think Hamlet sums up the dilemma nicely.

To be, or not to be, that is the question:
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles
And by opposing end them.

I invite you to subscribe to the 5-minute podcast where I weave storytelling and my point of view through another episode of Talking Main Street with Stepheny.

Listen on Wednesdays

A new episode of my podcast: Talking Main Street with Stepheny, is ready for you this Wednesday. Peter Pan is part of this story. You’ll have to listen in to find him on Main Street. I hope you will. If you enjoy these five minutes, please share with your friends on social media to help me build an audience. I have found I can say a lot in five minutes or less, about preservation, restoration, and repurposing. Storytelling and my point of view weave through each episode. I’ll be waiting for you on my Main Street bench.

Podcast – Episode #4 What Do You Do With a Problem?

Announcing the latest podcast. You know, the one that is published on Wednesdays but appears on Tuesday. I’m enjoying the learning curve, preparing for the episode, and recording it. I feel grown up now because the microphone I borrowed from my grandson-in law, is mine now. The best Mother’s Day gift! My “studio” is the kitchen table where my computer and mic sit. There are papers around me, maybe a book I plan to read from. It turns out you can say a lot in five minutes or less. Podcasting allows me to bring my style of storytelling to Main Street, which I hope adds to the on-going revitalization subject.

The goal is to attract followers who have an interest in the various subjects I include: preservation, restoration, and repurposing the architectural assets of Main Street and beyond. Politics, as it relates to Main Street, is discussed. In my determination, I talk about saving the boarded up shotgun and bungalow houses that continue to deteriorate. What about the houses people are living in that are in deplorable condition? You find these ignored assests in Wards 1-4. They are significant in Rocky Mount’s story, an answer to our housing needs.

Please share this blog post with friends to let them know I’m waiting for everyone on my downtown Bench talking Main Street. Enjoy!


New Podcast Today: Talking Main Street With Stepheny #3


Inviting you to listen to the latest Podcast (under five minutes.) It has been an up-hill learning curve but I’m determined. Looking at the audio track after recording, the blue up and down lines with spaces reminds me of life in general… Sailing along, singing a happy tune, and then that pause when you have forgotten that your glasses are on your head, or standing in front of the open refrigerator forgetting what you needed. You get my point. Each podcast is about Main Street with some storytelling, reflection, and enthusiasm thrown in for good measure. Enjoy!

Episode #8 "I Want To Save The Old Houses Too." Talking Main Street With Stepheny

In this 5-minute Podcast, Talking Main Street With Stepheny, she weaves another story into the theme of this episode about Preservation. Her point of view on the subject always includes a bit of nostalgia that she feels is significant to the rhyme and reason of preservation.
  1. Episode #8 "I Want To Save The Old Houses Too."
  2. Episode 7 – Playing The American Game at Stith Talbert Park
  3. Episode 6: Learning the Language of Mainstreet
  4. Episode 5: Saying 'Yes' to Rocky Mount Every day
  5. Episode 4: What Do You Do With A Problem?

Dodge City Steakhouse In Rocky Mount

Reese Clay, Mgr. of Dodge City Steakhouse (Stepheny Making a New Friend)

Rocky Mount has a relatively new notch on its belt when it comes to a fun restaurant, good food, great staff. I took myself off to a late lunch not too long ago. I’d been told about Dodge City at 1457 Benvenue Rd. in Cobb Corners.  I’ve been back! Dodge City Steakhouse isn’t on Main Street but it is a welcomed addition to the  food scene that people are seeking out as locals and ‘come to town’ folks.

Reese Clay started in the food business in 2009 and is now Dodge City’s ambassador. She may be their greatest asset who has a mission. She loves to see her customers smile, she loves her staff, she loves the food, of course, Rib Eyes and a New York Strip. (I tried a hamburger on my first visit and there is plenty more to choose from.)

The restaurant is now in-dining at 75% capacity. The interior is spacious, the staff reflects Reese Clay’s determination that customers feel welcomed, are provided good service, and leave with a smile. Of course, children and families fit right in.  They are in the process of implementing curbside service, but you’ll have to check on that. 252-442-3824

Reese Clay has her cheer-leading outfit on when it comes to Rocky Mount and the Dodge City customers. It is a lot to say grace over but she and the staff have things running like “a well-oiled machine.” Have fun, eat well, and think of me over a glass of Sweet Tea.