The Home D.J. Rose Built For His Family – Sunset Ave


“Old houses are filled with memories, with the faded echoes of voices. Drops of tears,      the ring of laughter, the edge of tempers that over the years have seeped into the walls. These houses carry in their wood and stone, their brick and mortar a kind of ego that is nearly human.”
A SFH edited quote by Nora Roberts, Key of Knowledge

I have our son-in-law, George Greer, Rector of St. Andrews, and daughter, Claire Greer, to thank for a great book I borrowed and now have no intention of giving back. Don’t tell them. If you don’t own a copy of The History and Architecture of Nash County NC by Richard L. Mattson you should treat yourself. You can buy a copy at the Preservation Rocky Mount store. My copy is beginning to look like an Anglican Choir Boy with all the post-a-notes sticking up like ruffles. Some of the notes mark information on D.J. Rose.


Matt Quarrels and Dean Fisher are the proud owners of the home that D.J. Rose built on Sunset for his family; perfect caretakers with their deep love of architecture, preservation, gardening and the history of this particular house.  My ‘borrowed’ book tells me that the house was built about 1912. It is a two story, hip-roofed design that was popular in Rocky Mount in that era. I have tried to capture some of the exterior details in the photograph included here. The house is an outstanding example of the meticulous work found on both the exterior and interiors of a D.J. Rose home. I will let the photos speak for themselves, with this additional thought….We need to locate as many of the Rose homes as possible. Please help by using your contacts and historical acumen to find them. D.J. Rose and these beautiful architectural structures are stars in the Rocky Mount crown. We must not loose sight of them! Scroll down to the bottom of this post to leave any information you can add to the search. Thanks!




3 thoughts on “The Home D.J. Rose Built For His Family – Sunset Ave

  1. We lived in this beautiful house for 14 years – from 1991 to 2005. It is so sad to drive by it today. What a mess! Wish it could be restored.


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