Down the Road A Piece – Another D.J. Rose Residence


In Kentucky there is a saying I learned while at University. The last line written in some directions to a party said, “Turn right. The house is down the road a piece.” It was one of many new colloquialisms a girl from Evanston, IL. would learn after arriving in Lexington. One of my favorites came when a young man asked, “Can I carry you downtown?” PS: While at UK I learned to read a racing form and it seemed there was fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans every Sunday for four years and, of course, Adolf Rupp basketball!

West Mount, NC is down the road apiece from Rocky Mount. There you will find another home built by contractors Rose and Batchelor in 1926. The bungalow style has a gable roof with a large shed dormer and there is a porte-cochere. It is referred to as the Frank W. Langley House, who was a local merchant. There is a wonderful black and white photo of the home on page 221 in The History and Architecture of Nash County North Carolina, the book I want you to buy for yourself. Today, Ruff Creech, splendid organist at St. Andrews Episcopal Church, is taking care of the house. A man with a vast knowledge of architecture, antiques, preservation and local stories. He indulges me with his friendship and generosity to TALK. This house has the Rose Crown moldings, my favorite…another breakfast room, and generous sized public rooms. Please help find any other home that D.J. Rose built. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to leave information. I invite you to FOLLOW the blog so you won’t miss future subjects.



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