The Downtown Prophet – Vann Joines – Part 1

proph·et  (prŏf′ĭt)
A person gifted with profound moral insight and exceptional powers of expression.
A predictor; a soothsayer.
The chief spokesperson of a movement or cause.

Not all prophets have beards, long hair, and wear robes in need of a laundromat. Some are handsome, fit, as in a triathlon aspirant, and oh, OH so bright! I believe Rocky Mount has a prophet; his name is Vann Joines. He is an articulate man with a vision and a mission.

Here is a brief introduction for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure. Joines is a North Carolina native with a Bachelor’s degree in both Physics and Astronomy from Haverford College. At Tulane University, he received  his Master’s degree in Sustainable Real Estate Development. When you look at his  website it mentions that he is a successful serial entrepreneur. This is a busy man leading an interesting life of his own making. He is one of the visionaries behind the Brewmill where he co-developed the plan for Capitol Broadcasting Company to transform the Rocky Mount Mills into the nation’s first incubator for craft breweries. The nations FIRST!

We’re all learning a new language in order to keep up with an entrepreneur like Vann. I thought the word incubator meant a place where chicks hatched. Today that word is referenced as a place where multiple entrepreneurs rent and share space while pursuing their dreams. Vann Joines has created Rocky Mount’s first co-working space for small business entrepreneurs who want to work in an innovative and collaborative work environment, while lowering their expenses because they share this incubator space. Monthly rent is $200 per month which includes your own desk, 24-hour access, conference room availability, printing and high speed internet access. Join Development (, is the name of his company at 118 NW Main.

Add this new meaning of the word incubator to your learning curve. Tomorrow I will tell you more about my visit with Vann Joines. This ‘prophet’ has much to teach us about the revitalization of the place we call home where he is a strong voice.


These photos are from Vann’s company site


5 thoughts on “The Downtown Prophet – Vann Joines – Part 1

  1. It is great to hear this positive story. A well known quote says “where there is no vision, the people perish.” Having visionaries is necessary to progress and though I am far removed these days it is still wonderful to hear of good news from my dearly loved home town. Thanks, Stepheny.


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