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Who Is Elijah Gaddis? – Setting The Stage – Part 1

As part of some research I’m doing for a new novel, I am in love again! or should I say, as usual. This time it is a man named Chris Rose who once worked for the Times Picayune in New … Continue reading

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Visit The American Tobacco Campus – A Vision Of Success

    November 3, 2016 – 82 degrees – Sitting outside – Tylers’ Pub. I don’t have a problem visualizing what a space can look like if edited, even if the walls are painted in two conflicting colors and filled … Continue reading

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The Downtown Prophet – Vann Joines – Part 1

proph·et  (prŏf′ĭt) n. A person gifted with profound moral insight and exceptional powers of expression. A predictor; a soothsayer. The chief spokesperson of a movement or cause. Not all prophets have beards, long hair, and wear robes in need of … Continue reading

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