We All Owe Craig Bone a Big THANK YOU


Susan Chandler Young Becomes A Hero

Craig Bone, Rocky Mount, NC, found a game board in his attic having forgotten the details of how he’d come by it. He posted a photograph of The Game of Rocky Mount on one of our interesting Facebook pages…Rocky Mount Way Back When. The posts are often about nostalgic things…does anyone remember? People began responding immediately,”I want one!” was the essence of the comments.

Enter center stage, Susan Chandler Young. She knew all about the game board because her father, Bob Chandler, is a member and great supporter of the organization, Breakfast Optimist Club. They sold the boards at one time. I chimed in early before Susan had all the answers and said to Craig, how great it would be to frame the board, and why didn’t he look into duplicating them because people would love to have one. No need for that.

Some generous soul in the Breakfast Optimist Club had boxes of the board game stored in his garage. He delivered them to Susan’s father’s office on Grace street post haste. I made arrangements with Susan, showed up to discover a charming, talented young woman celebrating her birthday. People were coming and going, everyone delighted to buy the boards as gifts, to give to clients, to send to grown children who grew up here and live out of town. With the revitalization of Rocky Mount on everyone’s mind, the game board is a walk into the past, remembering the businesses along the way, the people and names associated with the Main Street area,  and most of all remembering those you love who “carried you downtown,” as they say in Kentucky. One day there will be a NEW board with all the current businesses present.

Susan, the hero in the story; a salesman in one of her unlived lives, is having fun while putting the money for the boards into an envelope marked Breakfast Optimist Club. Below are the details for contacting Susan and getting in line for your game board. There is a part of us that never leaves home, our memories of growing up secure within us. The game of Rocky Mount is just what is needed at this time of year. We THANK Craig Bone for taking the time to write his post, which has led us all on a merry chase with a great outcome. We thank the Optimist Club for all the good work they do, for people who SAVE things, for Susan who is now giving her time to make everyone happy.  Merry Christmas 2015!

Breakfast Optimist Club
Susan Chandler Young
252-469-0892 cell

Cost $10:00

Her Dad’s law office 
Early & Chandler, P.A. Office – 119 S. Grace St.

2 thoughts on “We All Owe Craig Bone a Big THANK YOU

  1. What a great story. Thanks for digging it out, Stepheny. I had heard there was such a game but never saw one. I will contact Susan to see if I can get one.


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