Research Leads To Edward Marston’s Railway Mystery Series

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I’m reading the first in the series, The Railway Detective and can hardly put it down. Robert Colbeck is an Inspector in the Detective Department of the Metropolitan Police, still in its infancy. A former barrister, Colbeck abandons his career after a personal tragedy, which I haven’t discovered yet.  He has an abrasive relationship with his boss, former soldier, Superintendent Tallis. The Superintendent seems to recognize the Inspector’s rare gifts as a detective, but I doubt they will ever be friends. All of Colbeck’s cases are connected with the railways in Victorian England.

Series titles:
The Railway Detective
The Excursion Train
The Railway Viaduct
The Iron Horse
Murder on the Brighton Express
The Silver Locomotive Mystery
Railway to the Grave
Blood on the Line
The Stationmaster’s Farewell
Peril on the Royal Train

Well written and plotted, featuring fully drawn characters, I am delighted to have discovered this series while doing research on the resent posts about the Railroad, important to Rocky Mount and the area. My used book arrived in a few days and I highly recommend you give them a try. Above, I have given you the Amazon link to order.

The Railroad Detective is set in 1851. The London to Birmingham mail train is stopped and derailed, injuring the driver. Inspector Colbeck is faced with the first crime of its kind, a daring, well-organised train robbery involving the railway company, the postal service, the Royal Mint and the bank where a large amount of gold coin is headed. I have enjoyed these blog posts about the railway and I hope you have too. Maybe I should think of writing my own series featuring a Railroad Special Agent. I could title the first book, The Arrival of the Queen of France. 

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