Thanking the Rocky Mount Review – A Great Cheerleader For The Area


You will be rewarded if you ‘look up’ when walking downtown

Here is the link to a fine article published on the Rocky Mount Review web page. Just click on it to read.  It is the kind of information that can’t be disseminated enough times. Send the link to everybody you know that needs to be thanked, encouraged, or reminded of the good side of the Rocky Mount coin. I recommend that you FOLLOW the Review site to keep abreast of all they publish.  Below is the comment I left on the site after reading their article.

A lot of hard working folks involved with the revitalization of the downtown area of Rocky Mount can be proud of this wonderful article. They deserve this kind of recognition often having to haul the naysayers on their backs as they forge ahead. It is an exciting time in the light of a growing hospitality industry like The Smokehouse mentioned in the article, folks living and working downtown, lowering utility costs, and crime trending in the right direction. When incidents do happen, it hurts the hearts of those who believe in the future. This article is the right message. We have a lot of people to be thankful for that are creating the new Rocky Mount story. SFH

PS: We’ve had an unfortunate incident at the ballpark that feeds the narrative that NOTHING is going well, which isn’t true. Keeping the faith when there are setbacks isn’t easy, but like the mailman in rain and snow, we need to pull up our collars, face into the wind, and keep going. Why not share this positive Review article with others, then clap your hands, and continue to believe.  That’s what I’m doing.

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