Father George Greer Announces Retirement – Saint Andrews Parish

And I will set up over them one shepherd, my servant David, and he shall feed them: he shall feed them and be their shepherd Ezekiel 34:23 ESV

This is a brief reflection on a little boy who grew up and became a Parish Priest…my son (in-law) George Greer. I knew him when he was a little boy jumping off the side of the pool at Owensboro Country Club. He and his brother Bill, both bare chested and mighty. The Greer family lived around the corner. I knew ‘Big George,’ his father the best because we worked together in local & state Republican politics. Years later, daughter Claire and George were woking at Camp Greystone, fell in love, and married on a cold January day at Holy Comforter, our Episcopal Church in Kenilworth, Il.

You pray that there is a wonderful person out there, someone to have and to hold when that day comes for your daughter to fall in love. Not for one second have I ever doubted that Claire and George, in the mystery of things, found each other for all the right reasons and have created a marriage that has grown and changed as needed. They raised two of my precious grandchildren, who have married and brought into my life their spouses and four great-grandchildren.

When Bob and I left Governor’s Club in Chapel Hill and moved to Nashville, we joined St. Andrews where George was their priest. I have never mentioned to someone that George is my son-in-law, that they have not reacted by saying, “Oh, I just love George!” His retirement comes as a shock to the Parrish and it is an emotional time for everyone. He has seen parishioners through the best and worst of times. His good humor, skiing down the hills with the youth, ice cream Sundays, all a part of his ministry that has endeared him to the parish and the community. Click on the video to hear George sing a Lenten prayer.

Good Friday 2015

George’s body has not been good to him and over time increasingly saps his energy trying to appear fit as a fiddle. You have seen him gimp around when the pain gets to him, which finally demanded his attention. A process of discernment began by asking, is it time to retire? The retirement has been supported by the Bishop and culminated with his announcement.

In Rocky Mount, the strength of the churches and clergy are the wind beneath the sails of the community. This is a prayerful place with deep, abiding faith on the part of so many. I ask for your prayers for George and Claire, who is grieving also with these eminent changes, and for his St. Andrews family that he loves and has faithfully served for 18 years. We pray that the search committee will open their hands to receive what God has in mind when calling a new priest for our needs. And, of course, prayers for the spiritual life of Rocky Mount that sustains us all.

This post is dedicated to George, a true and faithful servant, with love, admiration and pride, and in thanksgiving for taking such good care of me, and the wonderful people of St. Andrews. Go in Peace and in the knowledge of His love.

3 thoughts on “Father George Greer Announces Retirement – Saint Andrews Parish

  1. I have been so selfish! I want him in any shape not thinking of him and his back! He is the very best priest and friend. I will have to pray that God will forgive my selfishness!


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