Rocky Mount, NC: Fun Entertainment Possibilities

I admire people who come up with great ideas like the Tea Bus Tour. I came across this: Taking London by storm, this afternoon tea on board a vintage double decker bus is an absolute must for a great girls day out. We have a gorgeous deal. Check it out: GLUTEN FREE AVAILABLE ON THIS TOUR.

I keep my eye out for fun ideas that could draw visitors to Rocky Mount and enhance the experience of people who live here. The signage can be vastly improved on this great double-decker bus. With all our local artists, you know the exterior can be fantastic. With an imagination for this repurposing, perhaps there is an organization, or a group of entrpenerial friends, business people, all with a heart for an investment in a unique small business.

The Pedal Pub™ – Hammacher Schlemmer

This Pedal Pub for beer crawls seems meant for a place like Rocky Mount who know the business of beer making and how to entertain and market the experience. This picture is a vehicle that accommodates up to 17 people who pedal, serve, drive, and imbibe as it travels. Invented in the Netherlands as a way to promote a local tavern, its high-grade steel chassis provides a reliable, safe, and open deck ideal for socializing. With five pedal seats per side, 10 pedalers propel the vehicle up to 5 mph on flat surfaces with grades up to 6%. A bench in the rear and two additional seats provide seating for five passengers. The final spots are taken up by a driver who sits in front at the wheel and a bartender who serves revelers while standing on a low interior deck that runs the length of the vehicle. An empty wine barrel accommodates a keg of your preferred brew; it connects to a tap and overflow tray at the bar (linkage required), which has cup holders to secure beverages. The included sound system places four speakers in the bar’s overhead storage racks beneath its wooden roof, allowing you to play music from an integrated AM/FM radio that supports MP3 connectivity (required). Supports pedalers up to 300 lbs. each. Special conditions and guarantee limitations apply. 20′ L x 8′ W x 10′ H. (2,300 lbs.) Item: 12225  


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