You Are Thanksgiving Ambassadors For Rocky Mount, NC

You are hereby named Main Street Ambassadors during these Thanksgiving holidays. All of you who are spending time at home this year, expecting family or friends, young and old, have this opportunity to show off Main Street and surrounds. I will think of you Thursday with those you love and who love you too. A special day filled with good food and the joy of time together. Come Friday, I want you to put your camp director hat on and take charge of the itinerary. Go downtown and around!

The Mill has endless possibilities and so much to be proud of. Great food, craft beers, preservation, restoration and repurposing at its best. Be sure to include in your tour the Tiny Houses. All the food is wonderful where ever you eat.

The Event Center is a must if you have young folks to enjoy the play area, wall climbing, and ropes, the video section for the older kids and slides and tunnels and ball pits. The Hall of Fame recipients are exhibited at the Event Center. It is a sport venue that brings talented young people and their parents, friends to Rocky Mount who eat and walk about while here.

Go to NABS for coffee and a sweet. Your guests must stop at Larema Coffee and see the good folks there and that preservation success. The menu is a treat. Don’t miss The Secret Garden a few steps from Larema on Tarboro St. all decked out with its beautiful floral creations and holiday gifts. I don’t know how long it has been since you visited the Train Station, but it is such an architectural prize. A brand new restaurant opened last week on Main Street….The Main Street Gastropub. Of course, I am leaving out many other suggestions, but you get the idea. Be good ambassadors for Rocky Mount and show off all the new things that are going on. Don’t forget several wonderful spots at Ben Braddock’s Station Square. Revisit the old favorites and the other places that hold your memories, that tell your story and the story of this place.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from Stepheny on Main Street

A Prayer for Rocky Mount: We are profoundly thankful for many things, O, good Lord. This thanksgiving we particularly ask for your grace and protection over our families, friends, and all who serve the city. We are thankful for the blessings of our lives and for one another, O, good Lord. Amen

3 thoughts on “You Are Thanksgiving Ambassadors For Rocky Mount, NC

  1. Hello Miss Stephanie,
    Thank you for your support. I would love to have a conversation with you sometime

    Brian Burnett
    RE: 319 Marigold
    Ps. Would you mind recording the correct spelling of my name in article? 🙂


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