Rocky Mount, NC: How About Spending A Percentage of What it Costs To Stuff Our Mailboxes With Campaign Material Like This…


I didn’t think of this until it was too late. I wish I had counted all the pieces of mail that passed from the mailbox, which I read while walking through the ‘cottage for two’ before tossing all of it into my garbage. I saved two pieces to be sure I didn’t forget their names when I vote.

Brad Murphy, my candidate running in District 1 for congress has conducted a social media campaign and did not add one piece of expensive campaign literature to my mailbox. Instead he ran a bunch of short videos, each on a different issue. Youtube is a quick place to watch them.

The videos are short, concise, and show-case how bright and articulate Brad is. This is a convenient way to meet him, listen to what he thinks, and what his solutions are. Murphy’s great sidekick, John, shot a quick video of me after attending a get together to meet him. Didn’t cost a thing. People have told me that these videos cemented their decision to vote for Brad. This is what this type of campaigning looks like. Click on

A NC Watch article headline: Well-heeled candidates sink millions of dollars of personal money into races for open congressional seats

If I’d thought of this in time, I could have sweet talked candidates into donating a percentage of their campaign budget to preserve and restore some shotgun or bungalow housing in Rocky Mount.

Part of a Campaign Budget In Action

This is how it would work. The generosity of each donation/candidate would be linked to photos as the houses are being renovated in time for the election. On election day voters would be invited to see what action looks like. We’d be speechless if we knew the cost of the campaign mail pulled from the mailbox. After the initial mailings, based on your experience, how many read the mailings after that? Every time my hand released the campaign material into the trash it felt like I’d taken a match to the money and watched it go up in flames. I began to think how some of the campaign money could change lives. I hope you agree that my idea is a better way to spend a portion of a campaign’s treasury. Leave a comment below with your suggestions. Thanks.

Saved, Restored, A New Life

3 thoughts on “Rocky Mount, NC: How About Spending A Percentage of What it Costs To Stuff Our Mailboxes With Campaign Material Like This…

  1. I agree!! It is genius to take something pointless, expensive and irritating (junk mail) and channel the money to something useful and permanent. Bravo for a great idea…and…It is NOT TOO LATE.


  2. I love the photos of the small ( or seldomly large) houses that have or will be rehabbed! Charming to say the least!


  3. Great idea Stepheny! Grassroots at its best. Direct mail is a thing of the past and all marketing people know that flyers, postcards and yard signs do not vote!


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