Stepheny Sitting In For Carl Rove and His White Board: Rocky Mount City Council Election


Population of Rocky Mount, NC 52,992

Combined Ward, 2,3,6,7 Possible Votes 31,140

Combined Votes Cast on 5/17/22 3,862


Ward 2 Population 6,822

Ballots Cast 459

Blackwell 223

Others Combined 231

Joyette 118

Battle 113


Ward 3 Population 7,591

Ballots Cast 359

Joyner 176

Others Combined 182

Williams 150

Himes-Anderson 32


Ward 6 Population 8,692

Ballots Cast 1,725

Tom Harris 1,573

Write in 52


Jabaris “J. Kelly” Walker

Ward 7 Population 8,035

Ballots Cast 1,319

Armstrong 584

Walker 582

Williams 152


Think of this! Only 459 people voted in Ward 2 out of a possible 6,822. The incumbent received 223 votes. Combined, the other two candidates received 231 votes. The next time Mr. Blackwell huffs and puffs to blow the house down, let’s put this in prospective from now on. 233 votes is hardly a mandate to rule the roost. When Mr. Blackwell casts about to blame others for the inadequacies in #2, it is those in the ward who didn’t care enough to get out and vote I will be thinking of. The same for Ward 3 with only 359 voting out of a possible 7,591. Not caring enough to care, is a reality hard to swallow by those who are on the front line trying to make a difference. If these elections didn’t effect all of us, each ward unto themselves, it wouldn’t matter who they elected as long as the constituents are happy, but alas that is not the case. Everyone involved in the election of four council seats deserve a thank you for caring enough to care.

Added May 21, latest numbers updated

4 thoughts on “Stepheny Sitting In For Carl Rove and His White Board: Rocky Mount City Council Election

  1. Wow. What if you had an election and nobody came? ☹ Hope a lot more show up on Tuesday…………unless this is the actual election tally and not early voting.


  2. You are the BEST in keeping us informed!!! TOO BAD there are not more people like you to care for our city and VOTE!!!!


  3. As long as those numbers sit like those, no changes will be forth coming. 🥰 Mamoo Sent from my iPhone



  4. Stepheny,

    If your numbers are correct, neither Blackwell nor Joyner received 50% of the votes. Why aren’t there going to be runoffs in those wards?

    Neill Nelson (252) 343-3052

    “Think deeply. Live faithfully. Lead with purpose.”



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