Troy Davis Cuts the Ribbon on Opportunity- The Davis Lofts on Main Street

Troy Davis Cuts the Ribbon for Davis Lofts

A lovely evening: Friends, family, prospective renters and curious folks gathered last Friday night to celebrate the ribbon cutting for the Davis Lofts. The few photographs I took give away my interest in the brick walls that were left exposed, the paint and plaster that honor the past. 22 lofts are the outcome of Troy Davis’s vision, ingenuity and expertise.

I have written before about the concept of Living Above the Store. Here is a link to one of those posts: The accredited Main Street programs in New Bern, Goldsboro, Elizabeth City, Wilson and Tarboro are fine examples of the successful repurposing of historic commercial buildings that honor the past but are a part of successful downtown redevelopment. The fact that investors, preservation advocates and the Main Streets I mentioned, and have seen for myself, make the Davis Lofts and the other projects like this going on downtown a proven element of successful revitalization.

A vibrant, diverse community that live, work and play downtown bring energy and economic stability to those who have and are still planting their flags downtown. What continues to hold us back is the decision making that eminates from those on the City Council whose only interest in a project is one that includes a pay off for themselves and cronies. Research tells us that the development of the perimeter around the historic downtown area must guarantee the economic wherewithal for businesses downtown.

This blog: celebrates the opening of the Davis Lofts. It is a significant piece of the revitalization puzzle. As I say on the newest podcast….I want the answer to the question, “Where do you live?” to be, “I live on Main Street at Davis Lofts.” Take 5 minutes and listen to Episode 24:  RESPECT- Troy Davis Cuts the Ribbon of Opportunity: ‘Living Above the Store’

One thought on “Troy Davis Cuts the Ribbon on Opportunity- The Davis Lofts on Main Street

  1. I went to the event but missed you somehow! We should get together before long. Enjoying listening to your podcast lately.


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