Invitation: A New Facebook Page For Main Street Rocky Mount

Here is the link to the newly created Facebook Page:


Where better to create a new Facebook page with my sweet friend, Denise Watkins, of Sky-Vue Skateland, than at the newly preserved and restored, Larema Coffee, in the beautiful old 1st National building. Hanging out with the ECC students, people coming and going, sitting in this pleasant open restored and repurposed setting, ah, a Rocky Mount high! as in…… such fun. (We each had a delicious chicken salad sandwich for our lunch.)

Afterward, we strolled the area, stopping to see Javelin Guilford at The Secret Garden.  He gave us a quick peek at his preparations for the holidays. A not to be missed Open House  Nov. 1-3:  Friday, November 1st, 4pm- 8 pm: Saturday, November 2nd, 10-4pm and Sunday, November 3rd 12 noon – 5 pm. Soon he will be announcing flower arranging classes and is launching the space next to the floral shop, for gifts. This wonderful man, who is always upbeat and BUSY, was headed out for two big events today. Put the open house on your calendar. The shop is already beautiful!

I checked on the building next to Davis Furniture – It is only ‘worser!’ since I showed you photos in February 2019. Why there hasn’t been a fire is a miracle. The owner continues to get away with this because she is part of, how did it get so bad? The facade of this building has to be supported before we lose it, which will interrupt the Main Street streetscape of these wonderful buildings. If necessary, we’re going to have what I call, a fly apart, so the facade is not demolished. Here is an example of what can be done.

On the bright side, the Music City buildings are well underway. New cement floors have been poured and framing for the living above the store-flats. Two buildings are being saved and repurposed. I have more photos to show you of this project on Facebook.

About this new Facebook page: It is going to focus on the preservation and restoration of Main Street’s commercial architecture and saving the neighborhoods that are the answer to our needs and concerns. I will post photos and comment on what you’re seeing. I invite you to like and follow this new page and keep me company. It’s the place to be – Main Street!

4 thoughts on “Invitation: A New Facebook Page For Main Street Rocky Mount

  1. I love reading your posts. They tell the stories of people not only building there dreams but also building the future in Rocky Mount.


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