The Run Off Election For Mayor – Vote For Sandy Roberson

“you know, they say if you don’t vote, you get the government you deserve.”

On election day, October 8, of those who voted in the mayoral race, they elected Sandy Robinson by a landslide, eliminated two candidates, yet failed to capture 50% of the vote. He was 177 votes short. I’m sure you heard me hollering from the middle of Main Street….who stayed up all night and thought up a system where Mr. Williams, who came in second with his 27.1 % or 2,652, deserves a run-off? Mr. Roberson’s total was 48.2% or 4,718.

Mr. Williams said,  “The reality is Rocky Mount is 67% African-American, and we have not had an African-American mayor since it’s inception.”  Contrary to the talking points about racism being the reason for that, this runoff election is not about skin color. It’s about competence, experience, a proven track record and a moral compass that points to what is best for Rocky Mount. Sandy Roberson provides that kind of leadership. Mr. Williams has the endorsement from the  ‘majority four,’ a lot of campaign rhetoric about how important unity is and all of a sudden how important things are that have been ignored. There is no chance that Bronson Williams can provide the change we desperately need.

It is all academic if people don’t go and vote for Sandy. Don’t make the mistake of thinking he won the first time and will again. Rocky Mount deserves the very best and the man of the hour to bring what we need is Sandy Roberson!  Promise me you’ll go and vote.








3 thoughts on “The Run Off Election For Mayor – Vote For Sandy Roberson

  1. I voted for Kevin Jones in the first mayoral election. I had hoped that voters would recognize his genuine care for the citizens, his fantastic experience, respectful demeanor, and intelligent proposals for Rocky Mount and its citizens. Sandy Roberson was my second choice.

    In the run-off, Sandy Roberson will definitely get my vote. He’s got extensive experience in management and building relationships. And most importantly, he focuses on the valid business issues and ideas to move the city in a positive direction!


    1. I love your comment. Kevin Jones is all the things you attribute to him and is the future here in Rocky Mount. Sandy’s extensive experience that you mentioned is the real deal. I’m glad you agree with me. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.


  2. I’m sure the citizens of Rocky Mount will come out in record numbers for Sandy, he is the only choice in a sea of incompetence!


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