Early Voting Starts September 18 – “Much is Expected”

Camp Echo Waterfront

In Evanston, IL., the YMCA played an important part in growing up. I started with Little Women in the 5th grade and graduated high school as a member of a Girls Tri-Hi-Y Club. The only thing the Y ever failed at was teaching me how to swim. It was leadership training from start to finish. My Junior year in high school my education included going to Springfield for the coveted Youth and Government program with a selected few. I have wonderful  memories of the Y- owned Camp Echo in Fremont, Michigan where the girls were given two weeks each August. The camp was part of my life for many years, first as a camper, then counselor, and even the summer I was first married, I returned as an assistant camp director. Catch me some time, and I will sing you a few lines of – – I want to wake up in the morning at dear old Camp Echo. where the sun comes a peeping into where I’m sleeping, and the songbirds sing hello.  (You’ll  love it!)

What’s this got to do with voting? It’s about what Zenol Moore said to me all those years ago. Zenol was the director of the Girls’ and Women’s’ Department at the Y. In her 90’s today, we still are in touch. One day during high school, rather than attend a meeting in her office after school, I blew it off to go downtown Evanston with the girls for French Fries and a cherry coke. In those days, authority figures were allowed to call us on the carpet if necessary. I was called! It was the first time anyone had ever said to me, “To those much is given, much is expected.”  To this day Zenol’s council has followed me. I am forever grateful to her for this plank in my platform that has served me well.

We’ve all been given the great privilege to vote. This upcoming election won’t cure all our ills in one fell swoop, but starting with Ward 1 there is the opportunity for change. That incumbent Councilman has been on the Council since 2003. Citizens in Wards 3,4,5  are running for the open seats. If people stay home believing their vote won’t change anything, there isn’t a chance we can “throw the rascals out.” All of us have been given so much, and in turn, much is expected of us.

Don’t miss this opportunity to have a voice in Rocky Mount’s future. Seriously consider your vote for Major. The things that are broken will take experience and maturity to fix. The Council meetings are the Mayor’s meeting, who sets the agenda and presides. We need a strong presence, with a take-charge attitude at the helm to right this listing ship. We all have the right to expect much from this coming election. A new day!





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