Rocky Mount Has A New Friend – Welcome Caitlin Cary – Part 1

Chapter One – Music

A good story, a page turner, presents itself on many levels. It starts with a character that engages us right away in a setting that comes alive on the page. I love a story that teaches mstudio for stmt5De something new, provides an enriching, spiritual experience, and speaks to something I feel passionately about. I highly recommend you “read” Caitlin Cary, a woman of many talents and sensibilities. For us, her story opens in the middle of an action….something is happening! Meeting Caitlin on this blog, you find her accomplished life in full swing.

“I’m an artist, singer, songwriter, violinist, activist living in Raleigh, North Carolina. I moved here in 1993, and a year after that I joined Whiskeytown and began a pretty incredible hayride.” Whiskeytown, is an alt-country band from Raleigh, North Carolina founded in 1994 and fronted by Ryan Adams along with violinist Caitlin Cary. The band produced a number of albums before parting ways in 2000. Cary is married to the original drummer Eric “Skillet” Gilmore. She has released three solo albums and created a female folk trio named Tres Chicas.

This new friend to Rocky Mount, NC has a musical past that ultimately touches the community, but for a different reason. While out on the road performing, Caitlin kept her hands busy working on craft projects. Today she creates collages though fabric and embroidery, which she calls Needle Print Art.

Here is link to listen to three of  Caitlin’s songs.

Part 2 of the Caitlin Cary story will explain how she creates her Needle Print Art

                                                                The Jewel BoxThe Jewel Box – Main Street – Rocky Mount NC

One thought on “Rocky Mount Has A New Friend – Welcome Caitlin Cary – Part 1

  1. Stepheny,

    Mighty talented new friend you have picked up for Rocky Mount. I’ve seen her needle point of The Jewel Box but forget where. Artisans, maybe.

    I was very sorry to miss Writers Guild last week but I have been writing and rewriting, and occasionally my computer will cooperate with me, or more likely, I, with it.

    I’m still on for another adventure with you.



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