The Caitlin Cary Story – Needle Print Art – Another Way of Preserving Architecture – Part 2

Chapter Two – The Artist’s Process


Downtown Rocky Mount, NC, 2016
18″ x 24″ mounted on wood panels  Artist Caitlin Cary

“We strain to listen to the ghosts and echoes of our inexpressibly wise past, and we have an obligation to maintain these places, to provide these sanctuaries, so that people may be in the presence of forces larger than those of the moment.”
                                                                                                            Ken Burns

There is more than one way to preserve historic architecture, and Caitlin Cary is doing her part. She is bringing old buildings to life with her Needle Print art. She works from drawings and photographs that become the pattern for piecing fabric glued to paper. Black thread replaces pen or ink and is applied by a sewing machine’s free bare needle, moved by hand, creating embroidered lines. She searches for repurposed fabrics that provide and help invoke the mood of the piece, adding shade and texture. A detailed fabric collage emerges from this process. Caitlin explains, “Each piece I create usually takes a week’s worth of day job hours to create.” Many of her beautiful collages have been created after  selecting her favorite buildings in and around Raleigh, NC. These buildings may be  unnoticed and under appreciated, hidden by new Raleigh construction, but her choices always have a story to tell.

Part 3 explains Kaitlin’s romantic attachment to Rocky Mount, NC

To view more of Caitlin’s work CLICK on this site.

3dfb88bbc4bd0ee6-GibbonsService 9222b607b15e08c9-CaitlinCary2015_RialtoSkillet_5163

 Gibbons Service Station, Raleigh, NC, 2016 (based on photo by Willa Stein)
18″x24″ mounted on wood panels

Rialto Theater, Raleigh, NC, 2015
35″x43″ framed  (on right)

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