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If Responsible City Leadership Welcomes Private Development – You’ve Got A Hit Song On Your Hands

Where responsible city leadership welcomes private development, the results have been fantastic. By working together for ‘a yes solution’ in their dealings with private investors, downtowns are saved and economic growth is stimulated.  Elizabeth City and New Bern are examples … Continue reading

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Twin County Hall of Fame Museum – After the Lights Go Out!

How long has it been since you’ve thought about Johnny Gruelle’s famous Raggedy Ann & Andy stories?  Visiting the Twin County Hall of Fame Museum with Jane Gravely and Lanny Shuff, I wasn’t fooled for a minute. The framed smiling … Continue reading

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The Home of Z.B. Bulluck – An architectural gem – Renaissance Revival

I stood in silence, alone, with only bird song to welcome me to the Z.B. Bulluck home. The house stands empty of laughter and hospitality, though I am sure it remains filled with memories of the man responsible for this particular … Continue reading

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Caitlin Cary – Needle Print Artist – A Rocky Mount Romance – Part 3

Make New Friends, But Keep the Old, One is Silver, the Other Gold. Do you remember singing this song while growing up? Rocky Mount has a new talented friend in Caitlin Cary who has found her way to Rocky Mount. … Continue reading

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Rocky Mount Has A New Friend – Welcome Caitlin Cary – Part 1

Chapter One – Music A good story, a page turner, presents itself on many levels. It starts with a character that engages us right away in a setting that comes alive on the page. I love a story that teaches … Continue reading

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Special Agent Fred Holdsworth – A Font of Knowledge

Among many things, Fred is a writer. He is blessed with a sense of humor and a long memory. He has had several incarnations as a teacher, before and after he was a special agent for the railway. His interest … Continue reading

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The Queen of France Arrives in Rocky Mount by Train

It was a cold February day in the early 1980’s  when Special Agent Fred Holdsworth received a call that a woman riding the train had refused to pay her fare. Thinking he would have to take her off the train … Continue reading

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A Family Leaves A Legacy – The Battle Family

You are familiar with how a rosary looks; a string of beads made up of five sets of one large and ten smaller beads, called decades. A person prays their way around the rosary, holding each bead between their fingers. … Continue reading

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Saying “YES” to Rocky Mount Everyday

I heard a story once that I have never forgotten. A man built a boat, painstakingly, lovingly, with skills and precision. It took time and patience. The day finally came when the man took the boat to the waters edge … Continue reading

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