Mayor Gives State of the City Speech

Link for youtube State of the City Speech –

The Telegram Newspaper, 4/20/23 has great articles on the Mayor’s State of the City Report. If you want a booster shot for optimism read the articles or watch the video on youtube. I am guilty through and through of wringing my hands and focusing on the bad actors on the City Council, which there are several. When you read or listen to what is on the drawing board, funding now available for Rocky Mount, really ‘good stuff,’ it’s truly significant. With a name like TOLSON, how foolish I feel to give Knight and Blackwell attention. Like the beads on the rosary, everyday the Rocky Mount litany includes the ‘My Will Be Done’ fallout. People have obviously stepped around the dynamic duo and are getting things done with far more reaching consequences than anything the duo will ever be remembered for.

People like Knight and Blackwell take up a lot of negative energy trying to hang on to power. Mr. Knight has an expiration date on his Council seat this year. The Mayor has not escaped criticism when he doesn’t step up to the plate during council meetings and challenge bad behavior. We want him to be a force to be reckoned with. I sense the last straw got placed on Troy Davis’s back the other night. People are furious over Knight’s behavior and the fact that it went unchallenged.

The Mayor has apologized, but Mr. Knight sees no reason to do so and justifies his position. Believe me, Knight will wait now for the moment when he will challenge the Mayor and have an outburst to see how the Mayor’s apology holds up. I’m counting on the Mayor to reaffirm his ‘take charge’ attitude and authority.

While people like myself have been nattering away, the State of the City Report this past Monday at the council meeting shows the REAL WORK, the grown up stuff, that is taking place. We have a hand full of losers, but all over downtown and surrounding area, progress is happening. I lose sight of that trying to champion our historical commercial and residential housing. Preservation is the name of my game, restoration, repurposing. It is a passionate concern but narrows my awareness sometimes of all the good that is happening that is essential for the revitalization of Rocky Mount to continue to grow.

I’m not going to list all the information that was presented on the state of the city because I have provided the link to hear Mayor Roberson update. It is cause for celebration, for relief from discouragement after the “How Dare You’ antics happened. I challenge you to celebrate the progress, the hard work by many, the repairing of the breach, the good and faithful people who pray for the city, for these signs that good shall prevail as we honor the past and build the future.

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