Rocky Mount: Councilman Knight Runs His Train Over the Guard Rails

I watched and listened to Councilman Knight have his fly apart April 3rd on youtube. There came this moment when Mr. Knight settled in and was enjoying the sound of his voice. It reminded me of a white bearded, high churchman in the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago. Father Dunn admitted that there were times when he got to listening to himself preach and loved the sound of his booming voice. He realized that a sermon could become performance. His comeuppance came when in the middle of a ‘performance’ he might pronounce a biblical name wrong or loose his place in his thoughts. The admonition that we are to be fools for Christ can go too far.

If you watch the section of the city council meeting where Mr Knight ran his train over the guard rails, it was this phenomena taking place. He flew off the tracks enjoying the momentum he had achieved with his performance. The repetition of his line…’How Dare You,’ was delivered with perfect indignation increasing in volume. The question I have is, what will be his comeuppance?

There should be a closed council meeting to discuss the conduct of Mr. Knight since in a public council meeting he goes unchallenged. The edited line from the song, ‘Everything up to date in Kansas City’ should be sung. ‘you’ve gone as fur as you can go.’ Although this was his A-game, how many times has this behavior taken place? Too many! The other shoe has dropped because criticism is now directed to the entire council; why wasn’t this outrage stopped? This City Council stage needs to be set with the admonition, come let us reason together rather than allowing Mr. Knight’s MY WILL BE DONE AGENDA to rise up in righteous indignation at will. Words to this effect, Mr. Blackwell says, he agrees with everything Mr. Knight says but tries to agree nicer. (Which is a great line, by the way.)

This is a shame, a damn shame with the wonderful progress, new stakeholders, beautiful restorations, great commercial and residential architecture, more and more good food, a Main Street of significance in play. Are we going to let down the wonderful young people who are making a difference? Are the downtown organizations really going to let the Main Street night life bad actors erode such progress? Are the Merchants going to stand for this or stop it now demanding law and order?

There is SO MUCH to be thankful for. Real progress. Is it too much to demand that the elected officials on the Council and in government achieve a decorum that sets a high bar when it comes to conducting the business of the city? Mr. Knight let go of the rope last Monday and should be removed because of his continuous bad behavior. I repeat, this is a shame, a damn shame.

Celebrating Rocky Mount Restoration

6 thoughts on “Rocky Mount: Councilman Knight Runs His Train Over the Guard Rails

  1. I watched online and was embarrassed for him and the entire committee. How do you just sit there quietly and watch someone have a mental breakdown in front of you? A group of people should come together and purchase a tv ad. His outbursts would be played over and over again until his district woke up and got rid of him.


  2. You nailed it my friend. He is out of order and out of his mind. What in the hello o Pete is our mayor thinking letting this obnoxious behavior go on and on without any reprimand at all? He may not be the man for that elected position after all with his spineless personality and his I do not give a damn attitude. We the citizens demand more from our public leaders and decision makers. We demand respect and order. I personally think they both need to step away and call it a day. Mr. Knight has never seen a plantation he refers to so frequently and I think if he had he would know it is not the fault of the citizens he claims to serve in the city today. Let it go Andre let it go. You already took your 40 acres and a mule from us when you managed to embezzle $47,000.00 from the city and its citizens. So go buy you a plantation and sit on it!!!! Just seeing your face now is a stomach turning, regurgitating moment for us all.


  3. Mr. Knight however did not receive the Oscar he was nominating himself for! He will go the way of Mr. Baker and Mr. Swaggart. Andre is the devil in sheep’s clothing. He protects himself under the veil of his fake ministry and self serving Wokeness. I’m surprised he hasn’t start ALM (Andre’s Life Matters). He is nothing more than a getto thug who through intimidation and outrageous promises is that never come to fruition is re-elected time and time again. He is by no means a Nelson Mandela who I’m sure would condemn the abuse of his constituency. I don’t know what Andre Knight has on Roy Cooper but Roy you need to man up and remove this scourge from Rocky Mount.


  4. I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s a shame that he can continue to act the way he does and nothing is done about it. I wish the people in his ward would wake up and vote for someone else at the next election.


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