Stepheny’s Indoor ‘Garden’ Tree: Honoring Past Gardens But Relishing Rocky Mount Today

When living at Governor’s Club in Chapel Hill, a new house was built next door. Moved and settled, my new neighbor later told me that she had written to friends in Ohio where they had moved from to say, “Just my luck, I’ve moved next door to the President of the Garden Club.” Cut grass was their speciality. When it was time to leave that garden, I left a piece of myself there and….. buried in the garden, a wonderful cat, RJ. A cat that adored Bob and showed it by sleeping on his newspaper while he drank his morning coffee.

There was a garden bed in front of the GC home filled with phonies and roses, bulbs and cottage garden plant material. After we moved a neighbor reported she was driving past the house, slammed on her breaks and got out of the car shouting at a man digging in that front bed. “Stop, what do think you’re doing digging in Stepheny’s garden?” The man answered, “Sorry, lady, but the woman of the house wants all roses.” If only I had transplanted more to the next garden.

A garden is more than plants, but parties on the back deck over-looking the lake and 4th hole of the course. It is precious friends, and trips to nurseries far and wide. It’s buying garden books, garden tour trips, and fellow gardeners sharing the seasons together. It is deep devotion to the Governors Garden Club, Chapel Hill and Rocky Mount garden clubs. (Peggy Daughtridge and I were co-presidents of the Rocky Mount Garden Club…..fabulous women, talented gardeners, flower arrangers, hands on volunteer work at Wesleyan and beyond.You should think of joining.) Wonderful !

What fun I have had creating a Garden Tree to enjoy now

I have created my first interior ‘garden’ tree. The Christmas tree ornaments are packed away, and the artificial tree stood bare, but filled with possibilities. The word possibilities is a great word; within our own lives, when referring to the future of Rocky Mount, NC, and creating the beauty of gardens to share with our world.

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