Say It Isn’t So: PRM Salvage Store Denied Access To Save Architectural Elements

Door Surround Just Sold

Thanks to Our Two ‘Can’t Do Without’ Bill Johnson and Bill O’keeffe They Hefted This Beauty For The New Owner

Preservation Rocky Mount (PRM) opened a retail site in the fall of 2003 in an effort to preserve or provide architectural elements for those who are restoring properties or want to enhance newer properties. The Architectural Salvage Store is presently located in Rocky Mount Mills Historic Mill Village, 910 Falls Road, Rocky Mount, NC. You can make an appointment, find what you need and in the process, lighten the load of what will be moved when the new location is launched. We’ll all be happy.

Here is the link to the Salvage Store info:

Architectural Salvage of Rocky Mount is under the auspice of Preservation Rocky Mount. The purpose is to save and promote the reuse of materials from historic buildings when they are remodeled or demolished. PRM salvages, saves and stores, then sells salvaged materials to the public. Proceeds from the sale of these materials are used towards operating expenses, educational programs, and preservation projects in the community.

We seem to have hit an unfortunate glitch, however. PRM has been working with the Community Code Department. Retired, Supervisor, Kelly Cook, helped the organization for years so they could deconstruct properties set for demolition. Something has changed. We seem to have lost access to this opportunity. The significant architectural elements that are precious in preservation work will now end up the landfill unless the City is planning a new department for salvaging.

Having a Salvage Store in town can be a big deal. People travel to locations in their region looking for items that have been saved and are needed again. Over time, as repurposing and restoration became a significant approach to preservation, the demand increased for these valuable materials. Social platforms put salvage stores within reach of DYI people and preservationists. The city of Rocky Mount needs to think of PRM’s Salvage store as an asset in marketing the City. Why not promote its value by allowing the organization to continue saving its architectural treasures?

The upcoming new location will improve Salvage opportunities for restoration in our region. Beside our local enthusiasts that are restoring old homes, people will come looking for what they need and at the same time discover the revitalization of Rocky Mount. As the food scene expands, the visitors will surely have a meal and get acquainted with Main Street and beyond. If the City Council denies access to deconstruct a house, these materials are a loss that they alone understand. For the world of preservation this is irreversible. Say it isn’t so.

The new supervisor is Takia Ragland. It seems she has been told not to grant PRM access to the homes about to be demolished. I hope she can do some sweet talking on behalf of PRM to rethink this decision. If we have lost cooperation from the city, it will impact the inventory people come hoping for. If you know anyone who is somebody, please impress upon them that having a Rocky Mount Salvage store helps Preservation efforts and adds to the reputation of a ‘way cool place’ to come and enjoy. Thanks !

Introducing you to more of the PRM Board

Board Members Top Row: Renny Taylor, Bill O’Keefe, Jean Bailey

2nd Row: Tierra Norwood, Bill Johnson, Stepheny Houghtlin

Here is the link to a recent blog post that includes photographs of the rest of the board and applause for the organizations efforts.

One thought on “Say It Isn’t So: PRM Salvage Store Denied Access To Save Architectural Elements

  1. Thanks to all the board members for helping preserve the architectural elements of Rocky Mount. I hope city hall can get there act together sooner rather than later.


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