On February 2, 2023: Stepheny’s Applause For the Organization, Preservation Rocky Mount, NC

At a board meeting of Preservation Rocky Mount, I thought once again, how much I admire this board, the good people who have volunteered hours to the world of Preservation. Some of them are hands on saving historic homes in Rocky Mount. They attend Council meetings and other groups that make decisions about Main Street and beyond. Two have appointments to the Historical Commission, which is a significant place to champion Preservation.

On this board are some fabulous young people that have Rocky Mount’s future in their hands. There are a few middle age folks who bring their particular experience to bear on matters and bring a steadying hand to me (a senior-type member) when I begin to wax poetic about all I dream for the organization. I want PRM to reach a place where their presence is respected and recognized and influential in the decisions made in preservation, restoration and repurposing. On the board Jean Bailey holds a special place as one of the original members of the group and continues to work and support all the activities of the organization. Especially the PRM Salvage Store.

When I send birthday wishes I often add, May the dreams of your heart come true in the coming year. The dreams of my heart for this organization often get ahead of what is possible. It will take a larger membership than we have, bringing more time and talent, creativity, and sound judgement to help make my dreams come true. As PRM has been reinventing itself, you haven’t heard from us as often, but take a chance on an evolving organization where revitalization has changed our mission. Pay a $20.00 membership fee and add your voice to a fascinating and necessary part of the community.

There is an up-coming membership meeting to be announced where the election of officers and board members take place. A Historic Garden program will be an interesting part of the meeting. Who knows, you may even take a small pot of herbs home with you. I wish you would seriously consider joining PRM, whether you come to the meeting or not. Check the website for details and help continue building a group that keeps an eye on the preservation, restoration and repurposing of Rocky Mount’s architecture.  http://preservationrockymount.org

The relocated Salvage Store will continue to have doors, windows, mantles, flooring, old claw-foot tubs, glass door knobs and what ever else you need for your restoration work. There is an on-line presence of the store. It would be great if you made an appointment and reduce some inventory that won’t have to be muscled over to the new location. Entering the doors of a salvage store like ours brings you face to face with the craftsmanship, history and architectural jewels needed in renovation.

At the moment our focus is on the move the Salvage store is going to be making. This blog is dedicated to Bill Johnson, Bill O’Keefe, Jean Bailey, and President Adrienne Copland, Renny Taylor, Witt Barnes, Zack Poll, PJ Roberson and Treasurer Whitney Shearin who have given so many hours to the store and finding a new location and what that entails. The people named have surely won a star in their crowns for this effort.

The Salvage store not only brings an income stream to PRM but is a holding place for historic salvage from homes that have been deconstructed. Rather than filling landfills, the restoration of residential architecture can happen because Salvage Stores like the one PRM runs is saving what you need. The idea behind a Salvage Store should be promoted and acknowledged as a Rocky Mount asset.

The Salvage Store is currently located at 910 Falls Rd. (By Appointment Only), Rocky Mount, NC.

You can Click on the link below for Salvage Store information and photos:


To look at the website click on: info@preservationrockymount.org

To e-mail: preservationrockymount.org

Here are Four Young Board Members that are apart of what the future of Rocky Mount becomes.

Whitney Shearin Is a licensed CPA that grew up in Rocky Mount. Whitney moved back to Rocky Mount nine years ago to work with her family’s HVAC company. She has served on the Board of Preservation Rocky Mount since 2017. Whitney became Treasurer in 2021 and if we are lucky will continue on keeping us straight with budgets and financial needs

Whit Barnes is a new addition to the Board of Directors in 2021. Born and raised in Rocky Mount, his family founded Bullocks Furniture In 1901. He is now the Sales Manager at Wildwood. A thoughtful observer of today’s needs and possibilities, his energetic approach to everything is what is needed in the revitalization of Rocky Mount. His business acumen relates to the economic driver Preservation is. He is just what PRM needs. How about considering a membership and join Whit.

Zach Poll -Liscenced Electrician, entrepreneur, is restoring several commercial buildings on Main Street. He is an important Stakeholder there. He joined the Board in 2022. He has a passion for saving the commercial architecture on Main Street and beyond. I think of him as a guard on the watchtower who is keeping his eye on things happening or not. His skill set and keen interest have been invaluable.

PJ Roberson, a Young Professional, is a Realtor, Hometown Girl, and a voice for so much more! Her involvement in other organizations and her knowledge of Rocky Mount having grown up here has been a great addition to the Board. Her sweet spirit sets a high bar for others like herself needed to broaden the horizons of PRM. She joined the board in 2022. We need a lot of PJ Roberson’s. Please consider getting involved in the fascinating world of Preservation. There is no reason Rocky Mount can’t be known for their preservation efforts and recognized as a leader in saving their architectural heritage. That’s a dream of my heart!

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