With Revitalization, Rocky Mount, NC Has Become A Great Food Destination

I love Friday nights out because it makes the weekend seem longer, even starting as early as 5:30 PM. If you’re eating at the newly opened Shucking’ Shack Oyster Bar, you better get there before 6:00 – EVERY seat was taken by 5:45.

You’d have to take me out back and shoot me before I would eat an oyster, but I had a delicious Left Coast Louie salad. Eight Jumbo Shrimp on a bed of spring and iceberg mix. Served with tomato, avocado, hardboiled egg, and house-made Louie Dressing for $12.99. I brought half of it home. Important reviewer tip…great sweet ice tea!

Shuckin’ Shack Oyster Bar
Address: 1123 Jeffreys Rd, Rocky Mount, NC 27804
Phone: (252) 446-0109

Here are the photographs I took after daughter, Claire and I joined Jeannie Armstrong and Elizabeth Pope at Shuckin’ Shack for a Friday night date. Wonderful company and we all enjoyed our choices. I loved the crowd hanging out on a Friday night; families with children, those having a date, friends like the four of us, and a Senior with the initials SFH, taking it all in and loving it.

Now when eating in Rocky Mount it takes a few minutes to decide which restaurant to pick. Not only is the Main Street area offering fun venues with great menu selections, but the Rocky Mount Mill food is unbeatable. I hope you know that already. The repurposed restaurants, together, offer a variety of delicious food. There is a part of my heart that rejoices in seeing the patrons waiting for tables. I knew it could happen and it has. I will always credit The Smokehouse, who brought people downtown and set a high bar for those who followed. Rocky Mount has become a foodie destination. This is a huge win for the revitalization of the Rocky Mount area.

A SFH Food Reflection: On a garden tour in France, the guide cautioned us because we were Americans; “In France we dine. The American propensity to eat ‘fast’ food will not do.” We laughed and appreciated his not so subtle warning. I always remember that evening and slowing down to enjoy the meals on the rest of the trip. Back home, even when I know the proprietor is looking to turn my table over to accommodate more customers, within me I keep the spirit of ‘dining.’

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