The Song We Need Now: Rocky Mount, NC

There are people in Rocky Mount, through kindness and love who are making a difference. Wonderful people like Crystal Wimes-Anderson who has organized a group to ‘bridge the divide.’ We have new businesses, new faces and investors. The preservation, restoration and repurposing going on in the Main Street area is way-cool. It now takes a few minutes to decide which restaurant to pick because we have such good food going on.

Alfie, music by Burt Bacharach and lyrics by Hal David come to mind. Music always knits together my emotions and things I can’t name. Stevie Wonder’s performance of the song, including harmonica, make things come right when questioning what’s it all about? I hope you have time to listen to the link below. Close your eyes and see what happens. When thinking about this place called Rocky Mount, it is the kindness and love the lyrics speak of that will win the day,

Click on….

What’s it all about, Alfie
Is it just for the moment we live
What’s it all about when you sort it out, Alfie
Are we meant to take more than we give
Or are we meant to be kind…I believe in love, Alfie

I think Hal David had it right then and now. Love is always the answer and together, in that spirit, the revitalization of Rocky Mount can not be delayed any longer. Step around those who mess with things and hold us back. There is no reason why Rocky Mount can’t be known for its Preservation, and for drawing a large circle that includes everyone. There is no reason why Southern Living Magazine can not only write about Laurel Mississippi, but about Rocky Mount. I hope you have seen champions Erin and Ben Napier ­from their HGTV makeover show Home Town. With their business partners, they have renovated 50 homes in and near Laurel. Around 2008, when they and some friends moved into rough lofts in town, the outlook was bleak. Look at it now. Click on:

Haven’t we all asked the question, what’s it all about? Are we spending the time we’ve been given in the best way, does any of it matter, can I make a difference? A big question….are there things in my life that no longer serve me or others and should be pruned away?This may not be the case for you, but the lyrics of a song and the voices I love, realign my heart touching something that runs deep in all of us. With the courage to set things right, to dare to change leadership, to take things out of the hands of those who have had enough time to make a difference, that’s the song we need now.

MAIN STREET – Another Architectural Gem

One thought on “The Song We Need Now: Rocky Mount, NC

  1. Change is inevitable.
    Planning is not.
    Planning is purposeful.
    Responsible planning requires placing a value on the past and it requires sensitivity to placement and design. Rocky Mount has a unique opportunity to save a collection of architectural gems. While most of the buildings are in disrepair and seem lost. . .if one looks past the shabby appearance, you see will see history and a meaningful contribution from the past. The future requires commitment and a steadfast willingness to save the past while supporting future possibilities.
    Again, I ask why the voters in Rocky Mount continue to support elected officials and employees of the city who are intent on keeping Rocky Mount on a list of dying towns?
    VOTE these horrible people out of office!


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