Merry Christmas To All And To All a Goodnight – From Main Street Rocky Mount, NC

It is 1:30 AM, now the 26th of December. Garbage cans are bulging with torn wrapping paper, empty boxes, the packaging of Christmas toys. It is cold and quiet. This may have been one of my prettiest Christmas trees. In my Martha Stewart phase I began tying each ornament on the branches with small red ribbon. This time around I asked myself if ‘Martha’ had much more in her. The ornaments on the tree, like yours, have meaning and mirror our lives, our family, the gift from a friend, all personal, nostalgic and beautiful. Phone calls were made and received, a few packages to open and now the carols we sing recede into the background until next year. Church, candles, the Christmas scriptures telling the story once again. The peppermint ice cream is almost gone, the gluten free key lime pie daughter, Claire made for me, 1/2 gone. A time of remembering, of fixing my Louisville Cookbook recipe of green beans. and the laughter of two great grandchildren in their Christmas PJ’s filling my heart with love.

In a week’s time we will cross the threshold into a New Year filled with possibilities, with time to get it right this time. Restoration is in full swing downtown, with new restaurants, businesses, and the determination to preserve, restore and repurpose Main Street and beyond.

Before returning to my cheer leading duties, I’m thinking about leaving Christmas out. Time goes by so fast, why bother putting everything back into plastic bins. I’m sure I’ll change my mind, but this coming week I intend to enjoy each sparkle, each Nativity figure, each cluster of bells on a doorknob. My prayers for Rocky Mount and for you ask for peace in the New Year, love in our hearts, united.

I’m going to keep the table decorated.

Leave Up The Christmas Tree

Enjoy Being Read to by my six year old great grandchild in 2023

St. Andrews Episcopal Church Christmas Eve 4:00 Service -The Secret Garden Provides Our Altar Flowers . Beautiful.

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