Rocky Mount, NC: Ben Braddock Creates Two New Gourmet Dishes For Main Street Business Buffet

Thanks to a Bill West Telegram article, I learned that Ben Braddock has been busy creating a couple of gourmet dishes for Main Street’s business buffet. With available space, he pursued an idea, and when the space was ready, he called Tierra Norwood, head of the Small Business Department at NCC. (Probably the wisest phone call of the year.) She agreed to head up the REC ROOM, a co-working space that will offer support for small businesses. Adria Jervay, will run STUDIO ONE, a place for podcasting, both at Station Square.

Ben Braddock is the owner and operator of the Station Square office and retail center in Downtown Rocky Mount. Renovated, it is a centerpiece of what preservation, renovation and repurposing look like. Station Square incubates business start-ups, accommodates not-for-profit organizations, and provides community meeting space. Ben contributes to downtown Rocky Mount everyday. He routinely mentors small businesses, recruits individual investors to downtown, and is constantly promoting and advocating on behalf of the city.

Station Square +1 (252) 388-8020 301 S Church St Rocky Mount, NC 27804

I haven’t met Adria Jervay, but as a podcaster…Talking Main Street with Stepheny, which has been on hiatus, I can’t wait to see if I can leave my kitchen table to record in a ‘grown up’ space.

Tierra Norwood is the whole package. I met her through her job at Nash Community College where I often take free zoom classes about some aspect of social media. Tierra was teaching one of these classes and I immediately became a fan. She is not only a professional, but knowledgable and generous with what she knows. The classes she will offer will begin or add on to how to make a small business successful. Best of all she has a sweet heart. This is the Stepheny view of her and contributes to why I’m excited about these two new businesses.

Tierra and Ben are two of what I call, ‘prisms of light’ in Rocky Mount, NC. and I’m sure Adria will be one too. This is a piece of the revitalization puzzle that fills a need; an important notch on Rocky Mount’s belt. Ben Braddock has been named a Main Street Champion by the Main Street Program. These two new businesses add to his long list of efforts to make Rocky Mount relevant and to offer meaningful support for the economic growth of Main Street and beyond.

Here is the link to read Bill’s Telegram article. It will tell you what you need to know. I write this blog to help spread the word of the availability of The REC ROOM and STUDIO ONE. Welcome to the revitalization of Rocky Mount, N.C.

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