Pete Armstrong is worth your time and the price of gas to take advantage of early voting but voting on July 26th is a must. The entire city needs Pete on the city council. JUST DO IT is my slogan today when considering Pete. I was distraught when I saw the turnout numbers for the primary. So few people voted. Ward 7 had the most turn out. The only positive I could find was the reality that those on the council who rule the roost don’t have near the base beneath them to warrant being afraid to challenge and questions them at any time.

I listened to the debate between the three candidates for Ward 7. My reaction: this ward wins no matter who comes out on top. Three fine men who are smart, dedicated, knowledgeable and well-meaning. In spite of this election results, we still need all three. As you know there is a runoff between Armstrong and Jabaris “J. Kelly” Walker. Armstrong received 584 votes, or 44.28 percent; Walker received 582 votes, or 44.12 percent; and Williams received 152 votes, or 11.52 percent. (These numbers have probably updated)

I want experience that comes with Pete’s long time employment as head of Parks and Recreation. He knows everybody. Has worked at one time or another with all the Council. He is aware of Rocky Mount’s glories and faced its perils. Pete has the advantage here on this blog because he is a valued friend; we attend St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, I know he lives his life following a moral compass. The culture on the City Council needs changing that will reclaim respect, dignity, and commitment to the tax payers of the community rather than the self interest and conflict of interest that wags the tail of the dog.

I hate growing older, it cramps my style, but it makes me all the more appreciative of a young man like Mr. Walker and those I call the ‘Moe Generation’. They are Rocky Mount’s future leadership and moral compass who are already make a difference today! Pete’s years in harness with the City tip the scale in this case. I have nothing but admiration for all the ‘Mr Walker’s’ that are working on behalf of the community. I have no doubt, however, that having Pete Armstrong sitting in the Ward 7 chair will guarantee the Ward’s interests and Rocky Mount best interests too. TURN OUT AGAIN, Ward 7, VOTE!

New Yorker July 2nd, 1966 by Arthur Getz

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