The Last Day of August – Where Did The Summer Go?

Once again, we are asking, “Where did the summer go?” I think of summer ending when the children go back to school, but then I often look at summertime through the nostalgia of my youth. I remember the last day of school when it seemed there were endless days ahead to play. I wonder if you haven’t had a similar experience where out of the blue a past summer memory shows up while buying strawberries from a roadside stand or walking back from the mailbox when you hear laughing children down the block?

This year, August 31, will not be forgotten. It is a somber time, a sad time, where dismay and anger co-mingle. Regardless of this disaster with its devastating consequences, we offer up our deepest respect and gratitude for our military. We offer prayers to guard them asleep or waking.

Though I believe Rocky Mount can be the campfire that lights up the Eastern North Carolina sky, after these past few weeks, it seems a hard hill to climb. Though it is Time for a Change on the City Council, no one has stepped forward in Ward #2 to challenge a seat that has been held for over 20 years. I heard Colonel McGregory say on TV the other day something that applies to our situation on the Council. “Where there is no accountability there is no performance.”

If you haven’t tried listening to the 5-minute podcast, Talking Main Street with Stepheny, Episode 18 published on August 31 would be a good one to try. I talk about our summer memories tethering us to the America we love. It is a simple step. Just click on this link…… and there you are.

I say on the podcast that I wish we could have split open a bunch of watermelons together. I would find your company comforting and love listening to your Main Street ideas, and where and how you spent your summers.

As we turn the calendar page to Sept. 1, I know we are all praying for the country, for the people of Afghanistan, and in thanksgiving for those who have served and kept us safe from another 9-11.

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