The Shop on the Corner – Virginia’s – THE KRESS BUILDING

“Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends.” —Kate Spade

Virginia Dunn Dasher, the original owner of Virginia’s Dress Shop could not have imagined that all these years later her daughter, Ginny Dasher Dunn, would still be holding down the corner selling beautiful clothes. The shop moved to 164 SW Main Street in 1982 where mother and daughter sent you off with the right coat, hat, sweater, dress for casual wear, or fit for a wedding. With a nod to the past, you will still find beautiful negligees and nightgowns for a trousseau and beyond, and half slips.      

“Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping.” —Bo Derek

Life changes and moves on doesn’t it. Ginny is keeping a watchful eye on her dear husband who now needs some looking after. The fate of the shop is winding down. One of the steps is a storewide SALE that I have twice benefited from with several additions to my wardrobe that I love. Hurry in. Several things I debated over are now gone!  Ginny has long been a place marker on Main Street. She belongs to the Downtown Merchants Group, a constant voice cheerleading for the revitalization of property and attracting businesses.  A gem.     She is one of the prisms of light on Main Street.  

The Kress Building holds memories for native Rocky Mount folks. I was told about the fudge, Spanish nuts, and popcorn smells when entering. Today, there is metal signage covering up windows above the front door that would no longer be allowed and would be removed in restoration. Though my photographs are of a photograph, stand with me, and appreciate another Main Street jewel. 

Virginia’s -164 SW Main St. -252-446-4487

One thought on “The Shop on the Corner – Virginia’s – THE KRESS BUILDING

  1. Ginny was one of our favorite West Haven neighbors–we would often see her with her dog working in her flowers–she always had a hello and commented how much she enjoyed seeing the restoration of our home. The family store has been a mainstay for years–sad to see it close. Ginny is a perfect Southern Lady who has taste and style–let us give her a cheer for a job well done!


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