Terrick Pittman -Advocate Ward 1- Responds to Wilson Times Article

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Tarrick Pittman Advocate Ward 1

You remember this fine young man who ran against Mr. Knight in the Fall election? His response is worth your time to read. SFH

As I sat and read this article I was heartbroken, angry, and just plain astonished. I had to pull myself away from my work because I couldn’t focus. This is the biggest travesty in our city’s long and storied history. Most of you know the history associated with my lawsuit with the City so I won’t get into that but I hope you can see my frustration. I lost a lot last year trying to work to better my community. I didn’t care about obtaining power or recognition. Simply put, I cared. To see this blatant abuse of power is astonishing.

In Ward 1 over 20% of the residents live below the poverty level. The unemployment rate is consistently the highest in the state. Residents struggle to pay rent and utilities. There are more evictions in Edgecombe County than any other county in the state with the exception of Nash County. To have your sitting Council member elude paying basic utilities is a travesty. I think about all the elderly people I met last year campaigning who often spoke of the difficulties they were experiencing paying their utilities. I think about the young single mothers littered throughout Ward 1 with small children who struggle to pay their utilities. I think about the disabled persons who flooded social services last year during early voting. Seeking help with utilities. I think about my 68-year-old mother who pays her light bill faithfully on time on a fixed income which my brothers and sisters have to supplement to help her make ends meet. This is truly a sad day for our city.

This is an embarrassment to the black community in our City. No bones about it. Some of them have held this individual to such a high standard. They have enjoyed him slinging the race card with limited results in their community. They are retired teachers, local pastors, washed up community leaders, black fraternity & sorority members. Booker T graduates who have held him as the standard barrier. Chastising all who dare to challenge him if they are not cut from the same cloth. Ask them when you see them what do they have to say now! Will those retired teachers stand up for what they taught us in school about having integrity as a black man? Now they have to decide which is more important. The man or the community. I have a friend who is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity along with the Councilman of Ward 1. He is always quoting to me the 5 objectives of the fraternity. One of those objectives stands out to me in this situation. “To Inspire Service in the Public’s Interest”. The Councilman has failed to do so and should be held accountable by his brothers. Your hand was placed on the bible in December at your swearing-in. In front of your city in the Council Chambers. You swore under oath to perform your job with integrity and dignity to the best of your abilities. All while knowing you had bamboozled taxpayers by avoiding paying your utilities. You, my friend, have failed your city and the black community. Do us all a favor and relinquish your seat! #letsgrowtogether

3 thoughts on “Terrick Pittman -Advocate Ward 1- Responds to Wilson Times Article

  1. Terrick Pittman what a stand up class act guy!! You are right about
    Andre!! I respect you and value your opinion!! That ward needs to
    vote you in!! Rocky Mount needs good candidates with high morals as yourself!!


  2. Great letter!
    Clearly Knight should be removed from his position on the council.
    And, is this information at all surprising considering all the other antics of Knight?


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