Looking for a Way to Help Save Main Street? Sign This Online Letter of Support


Many of you have asked, “How can I help?” Here is your chance by simply signing an online petition to show community support for a Facade Grant Program that is being considered by City Council.



Our Downtown Rocky Mount friend, Ben Braddock, Commercial Real Estate Broker, General Contractor and owner of Station Square, will take a letter and our signatures to the Council meeting this coming Monday Night, March 11 – 7:00 PM in an effort to  encourage a grant program for the facades of our commercial buildings along Main Street.

If you read the Facebook page, Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens, you’ve seen a stream of excellent questions and observations left there after Monday’s Main Street Rocky Mount blog post was shared on their page. CLICK HERE: to read that post explaining what these facade programs are about.

Thank you for your excellent thoughts that will help inform the mapping out of a Rocky Mount version of this grant program. You must know by now, that if you are pessimistic about Saving Main Street, that I and others who BELIEVE, cannot be deterred.  We want this to go beyond talk by our leadership to actually moving forward with the proposal that is an important step in making Main Street the best in the state. We have the architecture to support that statement. Main Street belongs to all of us and needs and deserves a big step like this. Broken glass fixed, safety concerns addressed, boarded windows are gone and paint, glorious paint!  Remember this is an exterior focus that helps stabilize the building and encourages investors to see what we see.

Safety Considerations

By voicing our support with this early show of signatures for the grant program under consideration, everybody could win when Main Street is a priority again. New businesses, people living downtown ‘above the store’ – a thriving happening downtown that continues to honor its past while building a future. Your signature doesn’t obligate you to anything but simply says to City Council, we support a carefully executed program that addresses the facades along Main Street that are in desperate need of attention.

To read the letter and leave your signature,  CLICK HERE: 

2 thoughts on “Looking for a Way to Help Save Main Street? Sign This Online Letter of Support

  1. I “signed” the petition…but I NEVER give money to any cause, even a very good cause, over the internet.



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