A Preservation Success – Bellemonte House – Restoration Sublime

You would have loved being with me the other day for a special brunch with the new innkeepers of Bellemonte House. It was a behind the scenes view of a major production just before the curtain rises. There were skilled workmen scurrying around taking care of last-minute details, an electrician with a few more chandeliers to hang.

I peeked into cardboard boxes that cluttered the stage waiting to have their treasures unpacked and placed. Several gorgeous pieces of antique furniture were still being appraised for best location. Flat screen TV’s were pulled from their wrappings and when a delivery of delicate smelling soap bars and lotion arrived, one more thing checked off the list. Bellemonte House is about to open, a reprisal of the original play, Historic Plantation House now known as a Bed and Breakfast.

Today this historic home, listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1989, is a testament to the glories of preservation, an example of what is possible when we look at our architectural inventory through the eyes of possibility, set aside local politics and the constituency of neighborhoods, and  think only of what is best for each project, residential and commercial, all worthy of protection while their fate is considered.

In this instance, we have Rick Lambeth, and his entire staff, who were the wind beneath the wings of this restoration project. When I think of their passion, their hearts for history, the incredible skills they acquire when entering the field of preservation and restoration, I click my heels and salute them. Let us not forget Monica Flemming and the program she heads at ECC that helps educate and train people for this profession. These are the skilled artisans that preserved the heart of pine floors throughout Bellemonte House, who repair and save original windows and duplicate a missing piece of crown molding. The ones who restore the fireplace mantels and painstakingly recover the exteriors of the architectural gems placed in their hands to save.


Enter stage right…. the stars of the show. I am on my feet applauding. You will never meet two nicer Innkeepers than Denise and Rick Wilkie. They deserve to take a bow. Welcome them to Rocky Mount. We are now their friends and family. They are committed to the run of this production and are working twenty-four-seven to open their new home in February to all who are waiting in the wings to come on stage.

(Call now for reservations – 252-955-2054)

The Wilkie’s welcome Wesleyan College parents, community leaders, the boards and directors of our business community, everyone looking for a tasteful, authentic setting to meet, entertain and conduct business. I look forward to having tea with my book club while sitting around the handsome dining room table or gathering with the board of Preservation Rocky Mount to celebrate this great success.  There will be many reasons to enjoy this beautiful new house. Though filled with beautiful antiques, many from the collections of generous local families, this restoration is not intended as a museum to showcase antiques but to be enjoyed as a living, comfortable and welcoming outreach to the current needs of the community. Overnight guests will be given star treatment with bedrooms and baths that have been created with comfort and rest in mind. A coffee station close at hand, space in each bedroom to work quietly, it’s all there. I know brunch, provided for those who stay, will be lovingly prepared and beautifully presented. …mine was. You know me well enough by now, this preservation success story offered up in the midst of ALL that is happening, brings a tear to my eye. On your feet, folks, this is another reason to applaud the hard work of so many. Congratulations to Bellemonte one and all.


2 thoughts on “A Preservation Success – Bellemonte House – Restoration Sublime

  1. The Bellemonte House looks beautiful!’’

    Have you met my old friend Teddy Gossett? I’m told he had a lot to do with furnishing the home.

    I’m in the second week of my terrible cough and cold. I’m looking forward to getting well before too much longer.



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