Behind the Scenes: Historic Villa Place Walking Tour Events – Put These Dates on Your Calendar

The Historic Villa Place District is Getting Ready for Company  

Friday, Oct. 20 –  7-8:30 PM – Villa Tales -Growing Up in Villa Place                            

          @Braswell School – Corner Pearl & Nash Street  (Now the Tar River Academy)                                         

Saturday, October 21, 1-4 PM – Villa Place Walking Tour

The Villa Place Historic neighborhood located three blocks west of Main Street is the most intact early-twentieth-century residential area in the city of Rocky Mount. The densely developed neighborhood is filled with glorious architecture…Queen Anne, Foursquare, Craftsman, Bungalow, Colonial Revival and Neoclassical Revival style houses built between 1900 and the 1940s. I wish you could have been with me this summer preparing for the tour by meeting some of the ‘folks’ that keep the faith in this amazing area. I will admit that at times I have to put on my Pollyanna glasses when facing the disrepair and blight that some of the houses face, but we are not going to let these problems keep us from looking at the large picture; the glass filled with possibilities, assets, wonderful people and location, location, location.

For several hours one lovely Saturday afternoon, I sat for the first time with Shari & Jack Dunn, who own a Colonial Revival Style Cottage that will be featured on the Walking Tour. They have owned the house since 1991. They know many of their Villa Place neighbors and love the life they have created there. Sipping lemonade, it was amazing how peaceful and quiet Nash Street is – a slight breeze thrown in for good measure. Our voices could have been mistaken for any of those who over the years, have enjoyed this special space.

The Dunn’s home will be featured on the tour along with five others. Three of the home-owners will be inviting us inside to enjoy first floor rooms only. We will visit a private garden at one of the featured houses. There will be additional suggestions of what to see in a color printed Tour Brochure, which you will receive at the 1st house on S, Pearl Street.  A $5.00 Donation will help defray the costs of the Walking Tour and the Friday evening program, which is free. More details to follow.

Villa Place is filled with people that want what we all want. A safe place to live, fair taxes, decent health care, good schools. They look forward to showing you how important it is to preserve and restore these architectural treasures and what happens if you don’t. Villa Place is the perfect place for investment with its abundance of good people, architecture, and proximity to downtown Rocky Mount. It’s a place that has fascinating stories to tell.  Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy the Historic District of Villa Place. Next time I will tell you about the event on Friday night. Follow Main Street Rocky Mount so you don’t miss anything. I look forward to seeing you Oct 20-21st.






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