Rocky Mount Welcomes Entrepreneurs – Meet Z.B. Bulluck – Part 1

Giving This Entrepreneur Our Utmost Consideration 

Meet Zebulon Benjamin Bulluck, born April 9, 1884 – April 6, 1981 – Proprietor and Operator of the leading Meat Market of Rocky Mount. The summer of 1905  Z.B. as he was called, entered the meat market business.  With considerable business acumen, treating all his customers with the ‘utmost consideration,’ and offering the best and freshest meat available, it was a business plan that brought him considerable success. At an early age of twenty-seven, his extensive real estate holdings would have reached twenty thousand dollars. Among other things, he became a valued and influential stockholder in the First National Bank of Rocky Mount, the only bank in the city at that time.

Z.B. Bullock married Foy May Williams in Edgecomb County on December 27, 1906. They had four children. Foy Mae Bulluck Branch -1914-2004,  Charlotte Bulluck Wyatt – 1916- 2002. Z.B. Bulluck, Jr. -1918-1986, – Thomas Wayne –1920-1989. Z.B. Bulluck’s 1917 World War 1 draft card will make you smile. It says he was thirty-four years old, medium height and weight, blue eyes, light hair. He and his wife were living at 230 Rose Street in Rocky Mount, NC.

Z.B. Bulluck developed the Englewood Subdivision on the western outskirts of the city, a 10-minute drive from Main Street. Driving on Sunset today it is hard to imagine how the undeveloped area might have looked when in 1927 the Bulluck House was built occupying an entire block that represents Englewood’s  early spaciousness and was the development’s premier resident.

Join me tomorrow for part 2 – The Renaissance Revival Architecture – The Bulluck Home

PS: A personal note – I have missed seeing you on Main Street having taken time out after the brief illness and death of my sweet boy, Bob Houghtlin. After a terrible cold, I have my energy back and have headed out the door to begin research and writing again. I appreciate your prayers and concern more than I can say.  THANK YOU!   I wanted to get back in the swing of things by writing about Z.B. Bulluck, an early Rocky Mount entrepreneur because Rocky Mount is all about entrepreneurship these days. We need men and women like Z.B. who work hard, treat people well, offer only the best. Mr. Bulluck had a vision for the community, offered his leadership and expertise, helped build a future. That’s exactly what we need in our entrepreneurs today, those who are already here and all those who are on their way.

11 thoughts on “Rocky Mount Welcomes Entrepreneurs – Meet Z.B. Bulluck – Part 1

  1. Do I remember correctly that Mr. Bulluck had a caged lion in his yard? Also I always heard him referred to as Zeb.rather than ZB. You certainly have enough information from his family to give you the correc story but those are my childhood memories.


    1. Hi Lee: Thank you for adding this info to the post. Always welcomed. Your memories are correct. Getting ready to talk to ZB’s granddaughter and will verify for you. Where you ever in the house? Thanks for keeping me company on Main Street.


    2. Zeb did have a lion in his backyard. In a large cage. Zeb was the son of ZB. I was a close friend of the family. ZB had a daughter named Foy and her son named Pat Coughlin was one of my best friends. Zeb had a son who is ZB the 3rd. We called him Dee. He was also a good friend. Good memories. We were good kids. Did some wild things but never got in any serious trouble.


      1. Bob, you all were good kids, even though you liked to tease Pat & Dee’s younger cousin! ME! I have vague memories of the lion. Apparently there was a circus that was going to put the lion down since he was old. so my grandfather & uncle decided to rescue the lion. How are you doing? Do you still live in Rocky MounT? Anne (Wyatt) Twisdale


    3. I was just at the house today taking pictures. I also heard he had a lion in the back yard, did you find out if it was true.


    1. ZB Bulluck was my grand father, & I am happy you wrote about him however, I would like to make 2 corrections. First of all, Bulluck is spelled with a “U” instead of an “O”. Also, he had 4 children, my mother being the one who was left out. Her name was Charlotte Bulluck Wyatt. She was born in Oct. of 1916, & died in July of 2002. Could you make these corrections? Thanks! Anne Twisdale


  2. You have to read this wonderful blog about your grandfather, etc!!! 2nd blog later!!

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