Merry Christmas from Main Street Rocky Mount


Christmas at Stonewall Manor – Natural Plant Material Making the Season Bright

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Main Street

Thank you for keeping me company on Main Street this past year. I’m grateful to all the people who have taken me in when I knock on a door or sit down with me to talk. I love wandering around and taking photographs. It is an endless array of fascinating people and stories to write about, which I want you to enjoy, to be proud of, to reclaim. One of my favorite moments was while standing in the middle of Beal Street taking photos of some shotgun and bungalow homes, which I love. A car came around the corner and stopped. The window rolled down and the woman said, “Honey, what you doing?” I told her I wanted to write about the Happy Hill neighborhood. “Honey, you got to come and meet my aunties, they know everything.” And so I did! You might like to read – Aunties May & Viola – The Vintage Roses of Beal Street 

To date, there have been 103 posts about a range of topics.  The best view on one day was 598. There are 507 folks FOLLOWING the blog, which means they get notices in their e-mail when a post appears. Many other folks come to the blog by other means. My stats say there have been 31,179 views.  People often share a post with their friends and organizations, which I have no way to track. I mention these stats because the mission of the blog is to honor the past while building a future. I want everyone to embrace the wonderful story the Rocky Mount area has to tell. Everyone needs to take a positive approach to the revitalization going on which helps energize the efforts.  Sometimes I think of writing a column in the Telegram that I would name….. Saying Yes to Rocky Mount Every Day, that is when I’m not irked with them because I want more local cheer-leading. Fill the paper with positive things, people, places, and our local history. This blog proves there are endless things to write about while saying YES every day.

Have a blessed Christmas.  See you in January. Until then I will leave you with a trivia question: Who was the brick mason that built the beautiful serpentine walls at Wesleyan College?  I will begin the new year with a series that will answer that question.

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