Our Lives Are Rooted in Places Like Stonewall Manor – Ask Gordon Bunn


Setting the scene for this post with a Short National Historic Preservation Trust Video

 I stood straining to hear the sounds of yesteryear that fill Stonewall Manor. If only every house had a permanent guest register that chronicled its occupants through time. I have written this thought before; I believe that nothing is lost in this significant place. In the dust motes that float in the sunlight on the staircases, there remain those who have added their stories to the historical pages of this place. The other afternoon I followed Gordon Bunn on a special tour of the house. His great, great, great grandfather built Stonewall. I wondered if Gordon, still connected through time, might look identical to one his grandfather’s. He doesn’t have a fancy title like the Earl of Grantham, but surely his life has been shaped by the history of Stonewall. He has taken on  part of the responsibility for its legacy; a legacy that has been left to the community to embrace and secure.


Make plans to start or renew a Christmas Tradition on December 10th & 11th – 1-4:00 – at the Stonewall Manor Christmas Open House. The house will be decorated for the season. Cider and cookies. Your $5.00 donation will be welcomed and put in the fund for repairs waiting to be tackled. Reacquaint yourself with this architectural gem. In the New Year, consider joining some ‘think tank’ sessions about what comes next at Stonewall Manor. Visit:www.stonewallmanornc.org


2 thoughts on “Our Lives Are Rooted in Places Like Stonewall Manor – Ask Gordon Bunn

  1. Excellent article! Those that love Stonewall should be grateful to have an actual descendant directly involved with this gem….kudos Mr. Bunn


    1. The Christmas two-day open houses were lovely with lots of first-time visitors. Everyone agreed it was a special time. The natural plant materials used in the decorations were special. Glad you and your wife were able to come. Happy New Year!


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