Architectural Salvage – For Preservationists, Tinkers and Gardeners


“You must learn how to extract things of value out of things that seem totally worthless.”
Pastor Adelaja Sunday

What the heck is the Preservation Architectural Salvage Store? It sells historic and reclaimed architectural features. Items are donated to the store and sold at a reduced and affordable price. Many items are sourced from homes slated for demolition to ensure that irreplaceable materials are preserved. Donations of architectural pieces to the Salvage Store are tax deductible and welcome. These are some of the facts but wait….

I often drive by Preservation Rocky Mount’s Architectural Salvage store on Falls Road. Since the signage isn’t overwhelming, you may not have noticed the place. Thanks to Margaret Sowerwine, who has the keys to the Kingdom, and is the wind under the wings of the store, I made my first visit. What a place!

To get you ready for this amazing place we must reaffirm our beliefs. When a baptism takes place in the Episcopal Church, there is a series of questions that the parents, godparents, and congregation answer…. Do you believe  kind of questions? Please answer with gusto! Do you believe that salvaged architecture and building supplies sold at the Preservation Salvage Store are a quintessential element of the culture and history of Rocky Mount and Eastern NC? WE DO! That maintaining and protecting this significant part of the city’s heritage is the key foundation of the Preservation Salvage Store? WE DO! We believe that preserving a city’s architecture is tantamount to preserving its soul. We believe it is critical that we maintain our staunch defense of the city’s rich architectural legacy. We believe that people who love to tinker with things need this store when looking for bits and pieces. We believe the store is a perfect place to find garden ornamentation. We believe the store is the place to find a gift YOU WANT to give to your spouse!

Below you find Heart Pine flooring, doors of all sizes and shapes, mantle surrounds, tile, shutters, window frames with and without glass. light fixtures, and much more. Please  visit: Preservation Rocky Mount Website  which includes important Salvage Store information.

Store Hours Friday & Saturday 10:00-12:00 or by appt. 252-985-1804

Tomorrow – Ideas for recycled old salvage windows available at PRM Salvage Store

img_4742img_4743  img_4744 img_4745 img_4755 img_4756img_4757img_4746

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