A Christmas Tradition -Stonewall Manor – An Architectural Gem Awaits You

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Be inspired by the beauty and power of old places, where our lives,                              memories, and stories begin. – National Trust For Historic Preservation

Recently I visited Stonewall Manor for the first time.  Mary Dyer, one of the key people that keep Stonewall going, walked me through the first floor rooms pointing out the treasures that are found everywhere.  There is so much to see architecturally you can’t take it all in at once. People say they find something new every time they visit this magnificent place. Because there continues to be exciting news at Rocky Mount Mills, where preservation, construction, and new businesses are underway, let me remind you of Stonewall’s connection to the Mills.


Period Reproduction   Wallpapers      1810-1835

In January 1917 the Mill purchased the property for use as a superintendent’s residence. At this time the porches were changed, a bath was added and further remodeling was undertaken. The distance between residence and the Mills proved inconvenient for running back and forth as needs arose, and so the superintendent vacated the premises. In the ensuing years, the Mills rented the house to numerous families. Please scroll down and leave a comment explaining how you are connected to Stonewall?

In 1973 the Mills leased the property to the Nash County Historical Association to restore for use as a community facility-museum house. Their work had a stunning outcome; proof positive that historic preservation pays off.  That was then, but what about now? Stonewall, at first glance, is in remarkably good shape, but on closer inspection, does need paint, some ceiling repairs, and something you can’t see, a new roof!  Think about your own homes and how these same needs arise. In order to maintain your investment, you figure out when and how you will make these repairs. (Example: Here is a patch in the ceiling in an upstairs bedroom that needs repair.) Stonewall also needs to figure out: when and how.img_4725

It is not a romantic notion to reawaken an active interest in Stonewall Manor. Whether you are an elected city official, a knowledgeable history buff, interested in preservation, or have a past connection, looking for a cause; everybody can claim a stake in the story of Stonewall. Please consider becoming a thread in the Stonewall tapestry by joining a new group of volunteers in the New Year that will take their turn to help ensure the future of this historical asset.


Stonewall is having a Christmas Open House December 10th & 11th from 1-4:00.  You are invited to start a new Christmas tradition by visiting Stonewall; enjoy a cup of cider and Christmas cookies. The Manor will be decorated for your nostalgic pleasure. Enjoy a wonderful occasion, while visiting this architectural gem. I want to whisper one last thing in your ear…”Your $5.00 donation will help “fix things.”

Visit Stonewall’s website: www.stonewallmanornc.org

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