Historic Stonewall Manor – Planning Ahead – A Pearl of Great Price For Christmas


When I moved to the ‘Cottage for Two’ over three years ago, one of the first things I asked was, “Where do you go each Christmas that it wouldn’t be Christmas if you didn’t go?”

tumblr_lud1x2o6kn1qfglxno1_1280People looked at one another, thought a moment, and admitted there was no place in the Rocky Mount area that held that designation anymore. We’re going to change all that starting this year. There is no place better than Stonewall Manor to reclaim or start a tradition that says, ‘it wouldn’t be Christmas without’ going there. This incredibly beautiful historic home, built in the 1830’s by Bennett Bunn, has been and is being looked after by four amazing people: Alana & Morris Wilder, Mary Dyer, and great, great, great grandson, Gordon Bunn. You’ve driven by, maybe been inside, perhaps forgotten that this historical asset, sitting on the Tar River near the Rocky Mount Mills holds a story that needs our appreciation, attention, ideas, and money at this important juncture in its history. Celebrating Christmas at Stonewall will reintroduce you to the glory of it all. When you and yours come through the front door, the ghosts of Christmas past will welcome you along with friends of Stonewall Manor that are answering this call to help with the preservation of this great place.  You have been wondering how to get involved in the revitalization of Rocky Mount. Here is a place that needs you.  Come and help decorate ( fresh plant material provided) appropriate to the time period of the house. Bring your clippers and perhaps some floral wire on December 3 (and maybe 4th) at 10:00 am. Can’t make it, sorry, but, MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR DECEMBER 10th & 11th.

tumblr_n9vuo1sqbn1sg22dvo1_1280YOU ARE INVITED

Bring family, guests, and children

to celebrate  


Historic Stonewall Manor Open House

 December 10th & 11th – 1:00 -4:00. 

$5.00 Donation Towards the On-going Preservation of Stonewall

Visit: www.stonewallmanornc.org

2 thoughts on “Historic Stonewall Manor – Planning Ahead – A Pearl of Great Price For Christmas

  1. My Grandmother, Lucy Bunn Arrington, was born at “Stonewall,” aka the Lewis Home, etc.

    In my later professional years in Rocky Mount, I always felt the magestic home should be a major destination point for visitors from I-95 and US 64…

    Not making that happen is one of only a few of my life’s disappointments!


    1. Eddie: I’m not sure why I have not responded to your comment above except the holiday, quiet as it may have been, overtook me. I would love to talk to you further about your memories of Stonewall and your mother who you mention was born there. I don’t want you to be disappointed so I write to tell you there is a renewed effort underway to get Stonewall on people’s minds again. The formation of some new leadership to support those who have worked so hard. Are you local? Let me know if you are available to hear your ideas. SFH


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