A Salute to Nash General Hospital – Another Rocky Mount Asset

Passing Through The Hands of Strangers


I’d never been to Nash General Hospital until our first great grandchild was born six months ago. The new parents extolled the care and kindness they were experiencing. In all the excitement, I paid little attention to my surroundings noting only that the hospital was clean and bright. Fast forward to my second visit at 1:00AM on Sunday morning in a night shirt and robe through the Emergency Room door looking worse for the wear and definitly not my usual ‘cute’ self. I’m terrible with names, and when you are feeling “worser” and “worser” there was little hope. Through the rest of the night the ER people came and went, calm, confident, and with an attitude that said, we will fix this.

Health care, it’s a consideration at any age, but certainly in retirement when people say if it isn’t one thing, it’s another. It is a consideration when enticing people to move to Rocky Mount. Coming from UNC Hospital where they saved Bob’s life when he had a dissected aorta, and from Duke Hospital where the head shoulder man in Sports Medicine fixed my broken shoulder and repaired a torn rotator cuff while he was at it, you will forgive a thought that wondered what kind of care was possible anywhere but. Hence this reflection on Nash General.

Let it be known that people are waiting on the other side of that emergency room door that act as if they have been waiting their whole trained professional life to help you. A perfectly energetic young Dr. in green scrubs bounced in, all smiles, saying that my 169 heart rate needed some fixing. Throughout the night others were part of that process. I got invited to stay and was tucked in a 5th floor room where an amazing parade of cheery souls wearing different hats did their particular jobs well. In the quiet moments before headed home, I was able to think back over what had happened. I had been passed through the hands of strangers who were treating a stranger. MY LIFE MATTERED! even though no one knew my story or purpose or who I love or loved me. The Hospital deserves our prayers of thanksgiving, money to continue their mission, and is definitely a place to show off when perspective businesses come looking to locate here. But then you knew that, I hope.

Raising a glass of Sweet Tea to many strangers who received me and fixed things.

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