Honoring the leadership that looked after the June German – Part 5

Honoring the past is one of the blogs objectives. We repeat and remember the important names embedded in the history of Rocky Mount. It made me smile when I found the clipping in Marion Stinson Herring’s scrapbook naming the Presidents of the Carolina Cotillion Club.                                                                          Click on the clipping to enlarge.


On the left, we find a handsome young, Thomas H. Battle.  He helped organize the Rocky Mount Cotillion Club and served as president when the first June German. He is a man of many firsts. In the mystery of things, as incorporator of the Village of Rocky Mount  Mills, I hope he knows the prominent role the Mills now play in the revitalization of the community.

On the right of the clipping above, you find Harold H. Strandberg, the last President mentioned in this list – 1955.  Again a family name beloved here in Rocky Mount. I hope his sons have photographs of their mother, Betsy Strandberg, and their father, Harold, dancing the night away at a June German.  We tip our hats to the following men for their leadership in these events. If you have a memory to share, please leave it in the comment section below.

H.H. Strandberg, Jr.

CCC Presidents:

1880-Thomas H. Battle, 1900-J.P. Bunn, Sr., 1919-M.R. Robbins, 1920-Bryon Hillard, 1921-Ben Thomas, 1922-Ben Bunn, 1924-Bill Bradley, 1928-A.P. Thorpe, 1929-Thoms J. Pearsall, 1930-R.H. Gregory, Sr., 1931-S.S. Toler, Jr., 1932-George T. Burnette, Jr., 1933-Bruce Savage, 1934-E.U.Lewis, 1935-George P. Arrington, 1937-Harry Toler, 1938-G.M. Young, 1939-R. Graham Dozier, 1940-G.C.Worsley, 1941-Dr. Coyte R. Minges, 1942-Harvey C. Roberts, 1946-J.D. Winstrad, Jr., 1947-R.W. Moore, 1948-W.G. Stielman, Sr., 1949-R.E. Siler, 1950-W.T. Winters, 1951-W.L. Goodwyn, Jr., 1952-W.M. Shearin, 1953-J. Reese Bailey, 1954-H.W. Taylor, 1955-H.H. Strandberg, Jr.

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