FYI: An Invitation to the Followers of Main Street Rocky Mount


Poinsett Hotel – Greenville, SC

Recently I wrote about The Ricks Hotel in Rocky Mount, NC. I went so far as to pick, from all the rest, the Masonic Building, my choice for a new boutique hotel. (I haven’t caught up with the owner to sweet talk him into becoming a Rocky Mount hotel magnet, but I will.) Many of you wrote of your fond memories of The Ricks.

I renewed my interest in hotel architecture and architects after discovering the vital part the Poinsett Hotel played in the reimagining of Greenville, SC. The hotel survived almost 20 years of neglect. The reopening of this hotel was key to Greenville’s future. Across the country there are countless cities finding a way to reinvent themselves. The historic significance of Main Street USA architecture is playing a part in the rebuilding of these cities. In 2016, people are making decisions about where to live based on a sense of place, and the availability of a significant architectural inventory that awaits a new life.

If hotel architecture, their architects, the pleasure of staying in hotels and inns,  are of interest, I want to invite you to join me in my 4th year of participating in the A to Z Blog Challenge. How it works: Starting April 1, everyday, but Sunday, using the 26 letters of the alphabet, the theme of choice, I will be publishing a post on my other blog – Stephenyhoughlin. com  CLICK HERE – about a hotel or inn that is vital to the city where it is located.  Where possible, I have written from personal experience about the places on this arm chair tour. You could follow the Stephenyhoughtlin blog the month of April to read these brief posts. You will be notified of the hotel/inn post just like your Main Street Posts or just REMEMBER to come and visit. I would enjoy your company if the hotel/inn theme calls to you.


K – Kentucky, Lexington – The Gratz Park Inn

The Main Street Rocky Mount blog will continue with its normal focus:            honoring the past, building a future.                                                                                                 Next up: Memorial Hospital and Dr. Marvin Lee Stone.

2 thoughts on “FYI: An Invitation to the Followers of Main Street Rocky Mount

  1. Great post. I’ve always wondered why downtown doesn’t have a motel, hotel or bed and breakfast, especially with Am trac and our location.


    1. Wouldn’t it be great to have a boutique hotel within walking distance of the train. As I mentioned in the post, I have picked the Masonic Building as my 1st choice. A great exterior front, parking on the side. Hold the thought.


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