What? A Bus Station That Is Good For The Soul?


I know you’re busy and think you have no time to be amazed, but some things are good for the soul and the restoration of a building is one of them. Go, lay your hands on the beautiful red brick, in remarkable condition, at the Bus Station. Yes, the Bus Station!

Built originally in the 1930s, the restoration of this gem, if underappreciated is a sin. That’s according to yours truly who is seeing Rocky Mount with new eyes and enthusiasm, which I am giving away free to all who come to enjoy this building. Bring the children, they will love the whole scene. The attention to and restoration of original doors and interior signs, a clock….you have to have a clock…the recasting of the knobs on the fencing, grillwork, all of it is fantastic. A new overhang out front has been built to keep passengers dry. Exterior and interiors are immaculate. The hardscape that connects the Train and Bus station is perfect for events, small corporate functions, and fund-raisers for organizations. A different venue with historic interest.  There is adequate landscaping that softens the edges, concrete planters for focal interest, and a sculpture in the distance. This area, this building, are assets, a destination to bring visiting folks that are interested in preservation and transportation. It is all available at the bus station for heaven’s sake, something the community can be proud of.  As you walk away, glance back and think of the stories that could be told about those who have come and gone from this place. Stepping onto or off a bus, taking them to far off destinations or bringing them home. When the new story is written about the reimagining of Rocky Mount, perhaps the opening scene will be seen through the eyes of a native son or daughter, returning on a bus, and discovering the accomplishments of all who are working to restore the past, while creating a great new future.

This post is dedicated to Peter Varney, retired assistant city manager, who gave me the gift of the bus station. I was introduced to Wanda while there. I asked her: “Tell me about Mr. Varney.” She beamed and said, “Oh, he’s the best! He certainly is, and without his vision and leadership, there would be no bus station and no a lot of other things. 

6 thoughts on “What? A Bus Station That Is Good For The Soul?

  1. Stepheny, I knew restoration of the Bus Station was in the PLAN but did not know it was in progress. I will drop by this week. I am sending your posts to others so they can get enthusiastic about all the wonderful improvements in our city.

    Linda Edward, fellow Writers Guild Member


    1. Thank you, Linda. Delighted you will share this post. Getting others to BELIEVE is important for all who are living and working downtown and for others who are on their way. Your help introducing Main Street Rocky Mount is grand. Hopefully, they will get on board, follow the blog, and find a way to help;


      1. Hi Howard: The original bus station is across the tracks from the current building being used which is the building I have written about and showed some photographs. The old bus station had an antique store in it the last time I think it was in use. The bus station now is beyond the train station and shares a hardscape between buildings that is a great expanse. Perfect to have small events. Do go and see all of it. You will be amazed how spotless it all is, well done, a place to appreciate.


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