Monika Fleming – Coordinating An Amazing Preservation Program


People asked, “Have you met Monika Fleming yet?” Now I can answer, “Yes.” She is a born teacher who shares her knowledge with abundant generosity; an unassuming woman of many talents, passionate about her work. You will find her at Edgecombe Community College in Tarboro at the Norfleet House, an 1810 timber framed house, which has been moved on campus to within a half mile of its original location. This historic house has been born again, and is now the home of the Historic Preservation Technology curriculum at ECC, part of the Historic Preservation Program.

We need a fleet of sandwich board walkers whose boards say, Edgecombe CC is GREAT for the future of  Rocky Mount. What about low flying airplanes trailing banners that tout this essential asset in the area? Community Colleges train people for jobs, in this case offering a one year Diploma program, a two year Degree program, and four Certificate Programs that create careers in Historic Preservation. There are only five community college programs in the country offering this great opportunity. Four year programs like the one at the College of Charleston teach no hands-on skills.

During the first three years of this program that started in 2010, over 300 students completed workshops, curriculum classes and one day trade schools. Students who attend the program often stay on, now available to advise local areas on the viability of buildings under consideration for restoration. They provide the skilled workforce that know how to preserve as much of the original buildings as possible, they teach people how to restore and maintain these historic properties. The Norfleet House has been restored by the people who take the classes. They have built fireplace mantles, restored floors and glazed windows, doing all the interior and exterior restoration. The students pursuing the technology curriculum learn the use of the original tools that craftsman employed to build things to last. Preservation enthusiasts who have bought the old home of their dreams come and take classes to learn just enough about what it takes to restore their dream, insuring that they hire the right kind of people to do the work. We need these graduates to make their homes here in order to help restore and preserve the wonderful architecture in downtown Rocky Mount and throughout the area.

Be sure to “LIKE” their Facebook Page (ECC Historic Preservation Technology Program) where you will find these photographs and many more showing the program’s work. Go and visit the research library at Norfleet House, marvel at the restoration, enjoy the wonderful people who are there to greet you; great ambassadors for ECC and the Program.

Contact Monika Fleming, the Historic Preservation Program Coordinator, at 252-823-5166 x241 or flaming@edgecombe.eds.

For current schedules and updates go to         I’m interested in one of the Architectural class offered in January. See you there?

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