Reimagining Rocky Mount

I encourage you to order this book from Amazon, Here is the link:  Reimagining Greenville-Building the Best Downtown in American

You will find yourself energized and excited after reading this book, a credit to the community that banded together to build something special from a decaying city center. The story of this careful, deliberate effort by city and community leaders is told by authors John Boyanoski and Mayor Knox White as they detail the toil and tribulations that produced a world-class city. I started to title this post, “Finding your Rocky Mount MOJO,” because after reading this you will be struck with how many things are being done right as each completed project contributes to the future of Rocky Mount. The streetscape and anchor projects like the train station. It takes time folks! Don’t allow yourself to be captured in old rhetoric. We can’t have our long-time Rocky Mount residents repeating over and over that the Golden Days are past. NO, THEY ARE NOT! unless you aren’t inclined to put on a positive face, your tap shoes, and start dancing. If you’re young and can’t wait to get out of town….you’ll be back saying, WOW! Greenville’s problems (You want to build what? a downtown ‘coliseum!”) casts a new light on our own struggles when we recognize how universal the problems are. They can be solved when reimagining Rocky Mount. Here is a wonderful quote:

“The real heroes of downtown’s revitalization are the people who have invested and brought the wonderful mix of business to Main Street, especially the restaurants, bars and coffeehouses. We would not have been able to attract residents and meet our goals of creating the magic of a mixed-use environment without the creation of an amazing hospitality scene.” Get yourselves downtown, eat, shop, visit, walk around, because the businesses that are there….like Tinker Bell, they have clapped their hands, and they believe.

Stepheny on Greenville’s Main Street taking photographs believing in Rocky Mount’s future. For heaven’s sake…Clap your hands and believe too.
IMG_2158 IMG_2169 IMG_2148IMG_2146IMG_2157


2 thoughts on “Reimagining Rocky Mount

  1. We believe in Rocky Mount and opened the Carriage House Curiosity Shop on Main Street 10 years ago. It is an antique store filled with Rocky Mount – Way Back When – memorabilia that we collect. There are many unique and interesting items in our shop, you should visit sometime.


    1. Apologies to you, Eva, for not seeing your Dec. 13th comment until the day after Christmas. I WILL come to see you right away. We can visit and I will find another subject to write about on the Main Street RM blog. Thank you for leaving this note. The store sounds right up my alley. I already love the name of your business. Hope you will continue to join me on the blog where I am writing about why you are so right…….TO BELIEVE!


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